Single Storey House Inspiration with 2 Bedrooms

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This single storey house inspiration has 2 bedrooms and one common toilet and bath. Elevated style with 5 steps or approximately 0.75 meters from the ground level. This feature is really advantageous when your lot is located on low lying areas where frequent flooding occurs during the rainy season.

Garage is optional at the front left side of the house and requires at least 11.2 meters width and 17 meters depth lot. The footprint size is 7.2 meters by 12 meters and total floor area 81 square meters. Simple in exterior look, this house inspiration combines dark and light colors for the exterior paint with front columns dark painted and majority of the wall with light color.

Porch and stair railings are made of wood with light colors, porch floor is finished with ceramic tiles with an option for granite tiles. This house is also designed with hipped roof, tough enough for harsh weather. Main entrance door is a double leaf wood panel door and to comprehend with the design, windows are made of wood sash with glass panes.

Below are some other color schemes which you can choose from when the original color is not for you.

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