Small Bedroom Ideas That are Big in Style

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If you think you do not have enough bedroom to work with, you are in the right place. You do not need to get a complete bedroom makeover if you want to expand the possibilities of your small bedroom.

Although modern and luxurious design ideas often tell you that you need to have a small office, a sitting area or a king-size bed in your bedroom, do not forget that your bedroom’s main function is for you to rest and recharge.

In fact, according to the American Sleep Association, a small bedroom is a blessing for a better sleep at night. It keeps stimulating activities out of the bedroom and keeps you from distractions such as work, TV, and internet that can disrupt your sleep patterns. Together with a blanket from, your cozy bedroom will turn into a sleeping paradise after you hear about our practical ideas.

We have some small bedroom ideas to prove that small spaces can be stylish and smart.

Keep the Colors Light and Bright

Using the color white is a practical and expansive choice for a small bedroom. It keeps the space from looking to boxed in or too busy. Using this color can combat the absence of a larger wall space and windows that can brighten up the space.

If you are afraid of making the room too stark and boring, keep your small bedroom from the feeling of cold or lack of personality by layering whites with different textures or use white-on-white patterns to add more drama. You may also add patterned throw pillows or use chrome bedside lamps to transform the room.

Push the Bed Against the Corner

Most bedroom styles feature the bed at the center of the wall. However, since you have limited space, you cannot deviate for this.

To maximize the floor space, move your bed against the corner or the wall. It will create a sleeping area that feels cozier. If it feels too much like a college dorm, you may add a two-headboard corner system to create a more finished, designer look to the bedroom.

Skip the Bulky Bed Frame

A few inches of having extra space can be important for a small bedroom. Stay away from using bulky bed frames and replace it with a more simple, more modern bed frame that can still give a stylish look for your bed.

Practice Minimalism

You may add space to your bedroom by paring it down with your favorite essentials and decorations. The focus of the space should be your bed so you need to keep the furniture pieces as well as accessories down to a minimum.

You may also use contemporary built-ins for additional storage. These sleek built-ins can maximize storage while looking they are not there. You can put it around your bed that creates a cozy sleeping nook while still adding plenty of storage.

Do you have other ideas that can change up your current space? Let us know by writing them in the comment section below.

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