Space Saving Home Design Without Sacrificing Functionality

A space saving home does not mean you should sacrifice your comfortability too. [Image Credit: Kerala House Design] Tags: , , , ,
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Over the past years, the average sizes of homes decreased, especially in the cities. Due to the scarcity of Land and the rising value of properties, houses became smaller and smaller.

Interestingly, the demand for compact homes is also increasing significantly. The fast-paced generation now prefers houses that are easy to clean, to maintain, and saves a lot of spaces. Everyone would like to utilize every available space in their home to its maximum potential.

If you are looking for an easy, smart, and space-saving home, everything starts with the floor plan.

Create a plan that lists all the activities you would like to do in your home: Eat, sleep, relax, and work. This step will help you in creating separate spaces for each activity and cut the work in half.

Invest only in the pieces of furniture that you need. Dual purpose pieces of furniture are worth your money and can help maximise the available spaces in your house. A sofa bed with built-in storage is a favorite piece over the years. Stick to minimal designs and furniture to ease the movement in your home.

Decorative dexterity can trick the eye. When you decorate a small space, your focus should be to create an impression of vastness. You can achieve this by using floor-to-ceiling curtains, glass table tops, and wall mirrors.

Another trick in having a space-saving home is the formation of the rooms inside your house.

This floor plan and elevation of a flat roof styled house is a space-saving home. The total area of this small house is only 1150 square feet, but it has three bedrooms, three toilets and bath, a living room, dining room, kitchen, and a designated work area. Plus, it also has a separate wash area and external courtyard.

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