Splendid Two Storey House with Three Bedrooms

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Will I build or buy a house and what type should I choose? These are the common questions asked by a family before deciding to purchase a house. To begin with, what factors do you have to consider in selecting one of the most precious investments you could ever have? Unquestionably, with so many aspects involved in building a home, the between building a single level or two storey home is a complex issue. This splendid two storey house in feature will help you with your dream house.

First of all, if you are interested in building a double storey house, you should check the pros and cons of this type. Aside from the budget involved, it is very important to assess the advantages and benefits. After all, the functions and benefits are what will satisfy you with your chosen type of house.

Picture of Splendid Two Storey House with Three Bedrooms

Description of Splendid Two Storey House with Three Bedrooms

A double storey house does not necessarily cost twice as much as a single storey unit. In fact, the space that can be doubled, usually adds another 15-30 % of the total cost. The house featured sits in a lot that measures 8.5 x 8.3 meters with a building usable space of 145.0 sq. meters for two floors. Since it is a double storey, then the usable area is doubled, thus, giving more spaces to accommodate more rooms.

Picture of Splendid Two Storey House with Three Bedrooms

The exterior design of this house will definitely win everybody’s heart. From the materials used, fixation, and workmanship, the product fairly offered grace and sophistication. As can be seen, the external façade is an assembly of box-type concepts and rectangles the entire structure. Likewise, the elevated porch and garage with the individual slab roofing system and accents of wooden laths show style and prominence.

Additionally, one of the highlights of this house is the pleasantness and coolness of the exterior facade. In fact, it outstandingly shines in a dominant white color. In contrast, the brown ceilings and grey outlines in darker colors added some touch of beauty and appeal. Furthermore, the overall comfort of the house is at a high level considering the following: space, glass medium, balcony, and the surroundings.

House Specifications and Floor Plan

If the exterior looks very elegant, the interior layout is very smart and functional. A unit that defines comfort, it has the following specifications: porch, balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, family hall, and carport.

Because this is a two storey house, each room has enough space to serve the corresponding functions. The ground floor is exclusively for the living spaces that utilize a free-flowing concept. With an L-shaped formation, they occupy the three corners of the house. Meanwhile, the garage occupies the right corner with a separate flat roof. The first bathroom is sitting between the dining room and kitchen.

On the other hand, the upper level contains the private zone of three bedrooms, a family hall, bathroom, and balcony. The balcony sits in a position for a great view of the surroundings and at the same time, delivers enough comfort to the interior of the house.

Bigger space offers better mobility and accessibility. Subsequently, the comfort of living in this house is at a high level.

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