Stunning Exterior Design of 2 Bedroom House

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Contemporary home designs highlight many features that attract many homeowners. In fact, these designs are the hot trends becoming more popular nowadays. Some of the features include energy efficiency, natural lighting, open living areas, and dedicated private spaces. The stunning exterior design of the featured house explodes with its magnetic appeal.

With the passage of time, contemporary houses are gaining trendier as they are perfectly matching peoples changing lifestyles as well as delivering a perfect blend of uniqueness. Similarly, they’re getting more attention as they demonstrate a unique way of richness and modern looks.

Picture of Stunning Exterior Design of 2 Bedroom House

Description of Stunning Exterior Design of 2 Bedroom House

Let us take a glance at the stunning exterior concepts of this house. The exterior façade looks so strong and prominent with the use of dark grey shades in steel railings, aluminum casements, and clerestory. Meanwhile, the utilization of light grey tone in other parts created both a dynamic and magnetic exterior.

The elevated verandah looks more pronounced in light grey-colored marble tiles and well-defined columns. Additionally, the upper portions of the pillars with accents of dark brown natural stones are equally impressive adding an extra appeal to the unit.

Picture of Stunning Exterior Design of 2 Bedroom House

We can observe the coziness of the residence with the use of wall-sized glass doors and window glass panels in all elevations. Consequently, these medium offers plenty of light and air ventilating the interior of the building. All exterior walls burst with prominence with treated mineral finish in light grey paint around all elevations. Moreover, the house shows its magnetic bearing and character by using a gable roof with grey tiles.

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Stunning Exterior Design of 2 Bedroom House

This magnetic house with comfortable space around the unit carries a simple design both exterior and interior. The residence that carries a straightforward layout inside has the following specifications – balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom and separate open parking space.

A compact design, the spacious verandah is a very good space for relaxation, family entertainment and receiving guests. It’s a perfect entrance to the living room through glass doors. The dining room sits adjacent to it, while the kitchen and bathroom occupy the back section of the plan. Meanwhile, the two bedrooms sit comfortably on the right side of the design. There is a separate open area on the left side of the house for the parking space.

To sum up, a house can be both magnetic and aesthetic at the same time like this house.

Credit to: Kittisakwatsadu



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