Three Bedroom House Design in 150 Sq.m. Lot

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This three bedroom house design has a total floor area of 90 sq.m. which can be erected or built in a 150 sq.m. lot. With 10 meter frontage with, this one storey plan can conveniently  rise with partial firewalls on both sides.

The Master bedroom is 3 m by 5 m in size plus bathroom. The 2 bedrooms is having a 9 square meter floor area or 3 meters by 3 meters in size. Living room that integrates with dining room and kitchen. Garden and back porch of the house has a total area of 9 square meters.

Looking at the front perspective, light blue green paint is introduced to provide accent in the walls. The open garage is double purpose since if the car is parked outside it will be come an added area for gathering.

Three Bedroom House Design

Source: Rumah Garis



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