Three-bedroom One Storey Design Inspiration

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This one storey house design has three bedrooms with a total floor area of 113 square meters. Simple design which showcases full amenities that you can experience. Having you own house today is not as easy 5 or 10 years ago, with ever rising prices of materials sometimes, people chooses to rent than build there own house.

Porch is 6 meters by 3 meters elevated with 3 steps or approximately 450 mm granting that one step is 150 mm as riser. Opening the main door is the living room with 6 meters in width and 3.50 meters depth. The two bedrooms area located at the right side having 3 meters by 3.5 meters each and enough to accommodate a king size bed and with built-in cabinets or closets on the side.

Dining is located at the center of the house with size 3 meters by 3.5 meters. With wall partition, the kitchen is next to the dining area with 3 meters by 3 meters in size, having a u-shape counter. On the right side of the kitchen is the common toilet and bath serving the whole house, while on the left side of the kitchen is an area where you can use as laundry area or service area.

The facade is so calm and clean due to the color combinations used in this house inspiration. Most of the walls are off-white color with accent walls that have horizontal grooves making them more pronounced. The lower portion of the square columns are treated with bricks or crazy-cut stone. Floor in the patio or porch is made of ceramic tiles or terracotta tiles and provided with balusters that can be used for sitting.

Overall, this house is very efficient and budget friendly. The minimum lot size required to build this house is 13 meters width by 17 meters depth which is equal to 221 square meters. With lot size mentioned, this is assumed that each side has 2 meters setback from the lot boundaries.

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