Three Contemporary House Design Focused on Comfort, Leisure and Space

These contemporary house plans promotes space, simplicity, and leisure. [Image Source: Naibann] Tags: , ,
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A contemporary house is a trend right now. A lot of families now are adopting contemporary houses since it meets their needs of having extra liveable spaces. Most contemporary houses are also focused on functionality, making it a favorite house plan for many families.

Today we will show you another contemporary house plans. The color theme of these houses is simple but warm and comfortable.


The Robson design has a living space of 156 square meters. It is a two-storey house with two bedrooms, a Master’s bedroom, three toilet and baths, and a spacious garage that can fit two cars. It also has a spacious dining hall, living room, and kitchen plus a storage room for the family. There are several big clear windows surrounding the house, promoting natural light and ventilation.



Another contemporary house plan is Rocky. It is a two-storey house with a living area of 139 square meters. This house has two bedrooms, a Master’s bedroom, three toilet and baths, a dining room with open kitchen, a living room, storage, and a washing area. This house also boasts a spacious lawn, with provisions for an in-ground swimming pool.



The Apennines house plan is the biggest among these designs, with 179 square meters living area. Upon entry from the service area, you can immediately its spacious living room, attached to the dining area. It also has a kitchen, a washing area, two bedrooms, a Master’s bedroom with provision for a walk-in closet, and three toilet and baths. The Apennines also has a big lot space that you can turn into a garden or lawn.


These three contemporary house designs are interesting projects no loss. Whether you have a small or big family to live in these houses, they will surely bring comfort and leisure to everyone.

Which house plans best suit your needs? Let us know!

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