Trendy Modern House Plan in L-Shaped Design

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The fascination of one storey houses doesn’t go out of fashion. In fact, their styles are becoming more popular in the last decade. The charisma they have never fade as most homeowners still prefer these types. Actually, it is not only the charm but the benefits they offer. Well, we are featuring a trendy modern house plan in an L-shaped design with unique and stunning features.

Most people prefer to live in modern bungalow houses because they have more stylish designs compared to traditional ones. Additionally, with the fast-changing lifestyles, they have been the perfect spot for modern-day living.

Picture of Trendy Modern House Plan in L-Shaped Design

Description of Trendy Modern House Plan in L-Shaped Design

As can be seen, this lovely bungalow house with reasonable space is designed gracefully. As compared to many designs utilizing geometrical lines, this unit stands prominent with rectangles. The entire exterior façade looks simple but elegant with the materials used as well as the assembly. The use of wooden wall cladding shines and offers a touch of character. Meanwhile, another highlight of this design is the exterior wall in grey salt concrete finish on the right side which creates a distinctive appeal. The contrast and a blend of brown and grey tones deliver a very unique and smart concept.

Picture of Trendy Modern House Plan in L-Shaped Design

Moreover, the level of grace of the featured house is matched by the way the comfort is provided. Big-sized glass doors and windows in dark grey frames are great mediums in making the interior well-ventilated. As can be seen, they are installed at lower heights which are not common styles of most designs.

Picture of Trendy Modern House Plan in L-Shaped Design

The exterior walls also deliver an impressive flair with a salt concrete finish in grey shade in all elevations. Meanwhile, the assembly of shed roof with grey tiles and white-colored outline around the perimeter heightens the sophistication of the overall appeal of the house.

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Modern House Plan in L-Shaped Design

A straightforward design, this L-shaped house, offers the following specifications: small porch, living room, dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. Visibly, the spaces establish a great connection with each other and are more functional.

The small porch with a canopy is a perfect space to introduce the living room through sliding glass doors. The living spaces occupy the right side, while the private zone of two bedrooms sits side by side on the left portion of the design. Meanwhile, the dining room and kitchen offer easy access, at the right of the living room. On the other hand, the lone bathroom sits in front of the kitchen.

To sum up, can you imagine the comfort of living in this lovely residence with a beautiful garden and landscape?

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