Two Bedroom 60 Sq.m. House Plan

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This two bedroom 60 sq.m. house plan can be built in a lot with 150 sq.m. lot area with at least 10 meters width. With high pitch roof, the materials that can be used here can be wood planks or pre-painted long span roofing with wood plank type effect. The high pitch design would also lessen build-up of heat on the roof or above ceiling area since it has more space to contain the hot air, thereby making the house well-ventilated.

Windows are design to be customized to be lower than the standard height of windows from finish floor line. Making it more attractive, the corner window at the living area give more elegant look for this house.

Suitable on corner lot, this two bedroom design is very ideal. With firewall on one side, making it more efficient design since you would basically use the setback at this side instead of a free space.

Above is another rendition of the perspective with avocado green painted accent walls and blue strips along the corner window. Dark colored bricks is also rendered at the front porch or terrace. To compliment the walls below, the roof color scheme is also navy blue long span roofing wood plank effect galvanized iron.

The floor below consists of the terrace, receiving area, 2 bedrooms with built-in cabinets, dining, kitchen and small terrace upon opening the door at the dining area. Thise house is also design to have an open garage at the front.



Budget in different Finishes.  Values shown here are rough estimate for each finishes and for budgetary purposes only. Budget already includes Labor and Materials and also within the range quoted by most builders. Budget Currency is in Philippine Peso (Php).

  • Rough Finished Budget: 720,000 – 840,000
  • Semi Finished Budget: 960,000 – 1,080,000
  • Conservatively Finished Budget: 1,200,000 – 1,320,000
  • Elegantly Finished Budget: 1,440,000 – 1,680,000
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