Two Storey 3 Bedroom House Design

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This two storey 3 bedroom house design has a total floor area of 150 sq.m. with 2 bathrooms. Simple yet colorful 2-storey villa design meets the needs of many families in the future with all the functions, facilities and amenities.

With the 3 options presented below, this concept will be a good choice for those who are dreaming to have their future house. Generally, the ground floor plan consists of the living room, dining, kitchen, garage and dirty kitchen at the back which can also serve as service area.

The second floor consists of the 2 common bedrooms and the master’s bedroom. Although the is only one bathroom serving the second floor it will not make this two storey 3 bedroom less as you can always customized the second floor to have an en-suite bath at the master’s bedroom.


Two Storey 3 Bedroom House Design

Every member of the family can enjoy the privacy boosted by the smart floor plan. The main bedroom has open space, while the living room is designed with high ceilings and double-leafed windows are always low in natural light and wind. This summer home is perfect for those who want to relax – take a break.

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  • mercy brubach says:

    Hi i would like to ask the detail code of this one, how much and how many months to build, please include also if you have sample computations for the payments. thanks

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