Two-Story Modern House With Three Bedrooms and a Very Spacious Terrace

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Maintaining a high-end home can be difficult, especially if you are on a budget but you still want your house to have a modern style. Don’t worry, Pinoy ePlans have another house plan that can fit your criteria for an ideal home.

This house comes with a modern style theme. It has a modern style with a focus on space, where every square inch has value.

This two-story house’s exterior structure is painted in a dark brown hue with a wall serving as an accent wall with plain white hue. Dark gray colors are also incorporated in the whole exterior part of the house to give it dimension. The spacious terrace, which can serve as a comfortable relaxation corner, is also highlighted in the exterior of the house.

There is also an area for parking and a sitting corner, with provisions for a fountain. The landscape of the house is not only created for beauty alone. It is also created according to Fung Shui predictions as well.

The house is surrounded by doors, windows, mirrors, and glass to promote the natural flow of light and air.

This modern style house consists of three bedrooms, two toilet and baths, a living area of 101.5 square meters, a dining hall, an open kitchen, and a very spacious terrace.

Here is the floor plan of the house:

Unlike other houses, the arrangement of this modern home is different. Upon entering the house from the main door, you can see the dining hall immediately, with the living room on the left side. The two smaller rooms are on the first floor of the house and the master’s bedroom and master’s toilet and bath situated on the second floor.

This modern house is suitable for a home garden atmosphere, making it a perfect home if you are raising your children or if you always want to feel relaxed after a long day of work.

If you want to see more house plan ideas, feel free to check out more modern house plans here in Pinoy ePlans.

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