5 Tips to Buying an Electric Pressure Washer

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Electric pressure washer came as a replacement to traditional pressure washers. They are definitely worth the job; however, users complained that they were unable to conserve the environment. Well, people also appreciated the electric ones because it came with numerous benefits such as doing many jobs, being cheap, and being able to fit anyone’s budget.

However, as much as the money is not as much as compared to the traditional one, you need to put some effort to ensure that you buy the right one for your everyday tasks. As you go through different stores, you will bump into various types and categories. Our article today highlights some specifications that you need to look into when choosing the most appropriate one for your need.

  1. Cleaning power

Mostly, the cleaning power is a combination of the PSI and the flow rate. They both work together to produce results.

The PSI stands for the pounds per square inch, which is a unit that measures the pressure that comes out of the hose. The flow rate refers to the amount of water that the pressure washer will release at any given time. When the flow rate is low, then little water will come out, though there will be much pressure.

If both the PSI and the flow rate is high, then expect a tremendous amount of water to come out, and thus, you will be quick at doing your jobs.

  1. Compact

These types of washers are generally lightweight.  You should expect to purchase something that has all the power it needs to function. However, it should be bulky. Heavy versions can be a bit difficult to handle and carry along with you.

On the other hand, be sure that it should at least have some weight in it. Extreme lightness is not right because it means that the materials used are weak. Thus, you will find yourself going back to the store to look for a replacement since you acquired a low-quality washer.

It should also have enough storage capacity to store everything that comes with it.

  1. Quality Materials

After you consider how light it can be, it is time to check out the material. Durability is critical, and to ensure this; you have to be watchful with the vital parts of the entire machine.

For instance, a typical thing amongst all pressure washers that use electricity is that they all use plastic for fittings around the hose.

As much as they do not have any effect on the overall flow rate of the device, it leaks, especially at connection points. Look for a machine that has brass fittings instead. As much as the plastic ones are replaceable, a tool that already contains the brass material would work best.

  1. The motor and the pump

The motor or the engine is the washer’s powerhouse. It ensures that the PSI remains constant and efficient. The most elegant models provide between 12-14 amps. If it operates below that, do not buy it.

On the other hand, amps beyond 14 can blow up the fuse and the circuit breaker, which is something you do not want to experience.

The pump comes in two different forms. It can be axial, which is common in traditional washers, or it can be triplex. Triplex consumes little space; therefore, the machine becomes less dense.

  1. Accessories

You want spare parts, whether attached or detached, to help you do extra with the device. The long hose is right because you can reach out to distant corners. The same applies to the power cord. It should be long so that you can move with it over a distance.

Additionally, check the additional parts that you have within the package. You should also have extra nozzles that you can use at different points when cleaning.



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