Beautiful One Storey Home Design

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This Beautiful One Storey Home Design has a ground floor area of 107 square meters and additional floor area would be the roof deck above. Porch is large enough to be a small garage when not in use for human activities. Additionally, the designer provided a sit-out area at the front before reaching the living room. This area is very useful for small gathering or receiving guest informally.

Living room with size 3.30 meters by 3.60 meters, this place is where we receive guest formally. Looking at the right side of this one storey home design, a bedroom measuring 3.30 meters by 3.60 meters will be a useful place to become a master’s bedroom since there is already en-suite bath.

One storey Home Design front perspective

Kitchen is in the same side as bedroom isolated for the purposed of containing the fumes and odor coming from this room when cooking. An additional work area is also provided to augment the kitchen when it becomes messy or busy with other kitchen activities.

The two other bedrooms are located at the left side of the house with one room provided with an en-suite bathroom. Dining room is located at the center of the house with one window on the rear to provide more light during the day and added ventilation.

The roof deck can be accessed by a stair in between the 2 rooms at the left. This place is multi-purposed as it can be used as a venue for small gatherings like birthdays and small family reunion. This can also be a wash area for clothes and due to its space you can put drying lines for clothes.

Although this one storey home design is not for all walks of life, consider this design for your future house selection as it provides an efficient functionality in terms of uses of rooms, space saving and lot usage.

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