Modern, Single-Storey House That You Can Customise According to Your Needs

This single-storey house is fully customisable. [Image Credit: Fourwall Home Design] Tags: , ,
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The affordability of a single-storey home makes it a favorite choice for most homeowners. A single-storey like our house plan for today is anything but simple and easy to maintain.

This modern single-storey home can meet your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. You can also find flexible rooms, living and dining room areas and an open kitchen. Plus, all of its amenities are simple yet elegant exterior features that reflect architectural styles.

This beautiful house with comfortable space for the family is designed as simple as possible, yet it exerts beauty inside and out. It used less decorative materials to save time and costs. The front porch is surrounded by benches and tiled floors while the backside serves as a wide wash or work area.

The exterior of the house is very simple yet modern looking. It has modern multiple paint features on it. There are also several windows surrounding the house to make sure that all rooms are properly ventilated and lighted.



Let’s take a look at the inside part of the house. Here is the floor plan:



Upon entering the front porch, you can immediately see the spacious living room area. From the living room area, you can see all equally spaced bedrooms. There are also two common bathrooms, an open kitchen, and an open dining hall.

You can customize the look of this house. Instead of having four bedrooms, you can change it to two and three bedrooms by removing the walls. You can also move the living room area near the entryway and build another bedroom or widen the space of the other room and turn it into a Master’s bedroom. The possibilities are endless.



What can you say about this fully customizable house? Do you think it fits your needs the most?

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