Two Story Modern Industrial House Design

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Presently, there are plenty of individuals especially professionals who want to live independently. Actually, most of them resort to staying alone in an industrial house by renting an apartment, buy a condominium or live in a bachelor’s pad. An industrial house is an independent housing unit that occupies only a part of the building. In particular, this article features a two storey modern industrial house design with interior concepts that would inspire most occupants.

We will see lots of single housing units also called flat, apartment building, or block of flats, especially in the metropolis. Residences of these types exist everywhere especially in locations close to workplaces, schools, and universities. In fact, single living is common in almost all places because of its features as well as the advantages. Let us take a look at the characteristics of our featured house.

Picture of Two Story Modern Industrial House Design

Description of Two Story Modern Industrial House Design

Generally, single life never looked better than in these modern spaces like apartments or bachelor pads. In fact, there are a lot of individuals especially from well-to-do families who prefer to living in a bachelor’s pad to experience adventure. Likewise, most of them decide to go on their personal lives alone in order to enjoy a more rationalized lifestyle. Their reason goes beyond practicality.

The industrial house in feature is a two a two storey house which is a part of the row or townhouses. It only has a small size but contains the elements like any other house has. As can be seen, the exterior looks magnetic with a mix of dark green and soft cream colors creating a dynamic character.

The exterior walls are treated with a mineral plaster finish in dark green at the ground level and a shade of light green and cream at the upper level. The outer façade also features a simple geometrical decoration that delivers an extra appeal to the house. Additionally, the exterior looks very prominent with a flat roof painted in dark green as well.

Interior Design and Concepts of Two Story Modern Industrial House Design

The grace and level of sophistication of any type of building or house depend on how the exteriors look aesthetically and how the interior is decorated. Let us check the elegance of the interior design of this residence. The entire interior shines outstandingly in a fusion of cream, grey, brown colors with a little touch of green.

The Living Room

Picture of Two Story Modern Industrial House Design

The Living Room and Dining Room

Picture of Two Story Modern Industrial House Design

The Dining Room

Picture of Two Story Modern Industrial House Design

The Kitchen

The Computer Room and Bedroom

Indeed, a beautiful and well-designed industrial house many individuals would love to have.

Credit to: KRArchitecture Visualization Services



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