3-Bedroom Design Inspiration with 3 Floor Levels

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Having a house that you can call your own is a feeling that is incomparable. Because of your long working life you have a home that you can call your own. But sometimes it’s hard to choose what type of house, looks, how many rooms, how big and many other aspects selecting a proper home for suited for your needs.

This multi-level house inspiration has 3 bedrooms, 2 toilet and bath, garage, living room, dining and kitchen. The total floor area is 115 square meters not including basement parking and footprint size of 12.50 meters width and 10.70 meters depth.

Since this modern style concept is designed to be stand alone or single detached, the required minimum lot size is 15.5 meters by 15.2 meters which translates to a 236 square meters lot area as minimum. With this lot area, the minimum setbacks are 1.5 meters of each side, 1.5 meters at the rear and 3 meters at the front.

The elevated feature of this design is very advantageous especially in low lying areas where frequent flooding is a problem. With the main floor elevated at 1.2 meters, you can almost be sure that if the flood rises at 1 meter, your house is safe. In this case, garage will be flooded but cars are very movable so they can be transferred to higher places whenever flooding occurs.

With the floor plan above, you can reach the porch by climbing the stair elevated at 1.2 meters from the garage floor. Talking about the garage, this is located below the 2 bedrooms which can accommodate 2 cars. Opening the main entrance leads you to the living room, combined dining and kitchen, common bathroom and one bedroom in one floor level.

The two bedrooms offers more privacy as it is elevated from the min floor with each room is more or less 16 square meters big enough to accommodate one king size bed.

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  • anthony king de dios says:

    inquire lang po kung magkano ang magpagawa ng plano sa inyo?
    thanks po!
    Ofw po ako based in Saudi

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