4 Things You Should Know About Hiring a Serviced Office in London

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The City of London has been consistently famed and complimented as a business hub detailed with a cultural diversity representing investors from different origins across the globe. In fact, during the year of 2016, London was voted as the global city of opportunity, giving it an economic dominance over every other city in terms of investment opportunities and innovation.

As one of the most attractive city for entrepreneurs and investors in the world, the UK’s capital is equally in the spotlight for having been the leading adopter of serviced offices globally. In a report published by Savills, London accounted for 10% and 9% of the global serviced office providers in 2015, and 2016 respectively. Four must know facts about renting a Serviced Office in London include:

1. Location significantly matters

‘The science of where’ plays a significant role when it comes to renting a serviced office in the UK’s capital. Depending on the first impression you would like to paint towards your clients in order to attract returning customers, you could part with highly divergent amounts of cost per person, per month. For example, earning your business a prestigious reputation at the heart of the city could cost you a whopping € 1500 for the same size of space and services located on the city’s outskirts.

2. There is an extensive freedom of choice

What can you expect from a city that had an expansive 2.7 million square feet of serviced office by 2017 as published by Savills’ research? Such a rolling amount of serviced office space, which keeps doubling as the years unroll, will definitely spoil you with the privilege of a series of alternatives. Among the thousands of serviced offices in London, you can, therefore, secure a space that perfectly meets all your specifications in terms of location, organization, utilities and any other additional services provided by the lessor.

3. The charges are invoiced per person, per duration of the lease

Unlike traditional office space leases that hector’s businesses into long-term contracts that can turn out uneconomical, renting a services office in London is levied per individual occupying the space, per duration of the lease, which is commonly quoted on a monthly basis. With the readily available serviced office spaces, you can therefore flexibly an economically secure an office for only the period it will remain useful to your business needs, regardless of whether it is for a day, a couple of months, or years.

4. You receive what equals your budget

Finally, whether you are in search of the low-priced dispositions or the most sophisticated arrangements, you will only be privileged to the experiences that equal your financial muscles. This means that you are the only one solely responsible for coming up with a benchmark of the serviced office space you would like to hire. Depending on your budget, you can get a basic office space with just a desk or a heavily furnished office with all the luxurious amenities you can ever imagine including catering services, showers, personalized air conditioning, and much more.



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