4 Tips to Dealing with Humid Weather

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Weather extremities can be exhausting to deal with. Humid weather can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to properly deal with it. It can be quite uncomfortable and even worse, can result in heat stroke or exhaustion. That is why you need to be conversant with the ways you can be comfortable and avoid risks that come with humid weather. Below are four tips to help you;

1. Drink lots of water

You will find yourself sweating a lot during a humid weather. That gives you more reason to drink a lot of water to replace the lost fluid in your body. Also, drinking a lot of water will help to keep you hydrated. It is recommended to avoid alcohol during humid weather because it will leave you more dehydrated. Instead, substitute it with juices or if you are moving around a lot, opt for a sports drink with electrolytes so as to replace minerals lost when sweating. If you can, drink cooled water as it helps to prevent some of the symptoms of dehydration like dizziness, headaches, and nausea.

2. Eating habits

On any humid day, you may want to indulge more in cooler foods and avoid foods that raise your metabolism. Salads and fruits are your go to, and for desserts, you can have ice cream or fresh fruit paired with some cold yogurt. It is also advisable to keep cooking on the minimal because the more you cook the hotter your house will get. However, anytime you cook you can put on the fan or if you have air conditioning in the house ensure it is on.

3. Make loose fit light clothing your friends

There is nothing worse than walking in the hot sun with sweat trickling and clothes sticking to your body, even worse making you feel itchy. The weather is already uncomfortable, so you need to find ways to feel comfortable under the humid weather condition. Wear loose clothing made of cotton to allow air circulation. Also, avoid dull colors as they retain heat more and go for clothes with lighter colors. At night, avoid sleeping in fleece or flannel sheets and use cotton or linen ones for a comfortable night of sleep in the humid weather.

4. Go out less

Another trick to help deal with humid weather is to limit the time you spend outdoors. Stay indoors more to avoid the unpleasant weather but also make sure that your house is comfortable to spend your day in. Get yourself one of those swamp coolers or always ensure your air conditioning is turned on every time you are in the house. To aid in keeping the house cool, close your windows to lock the humid and heat outside. Opening the windows may seem helpful with air circulation especially in a house without air conditioning but it will let moisture in the house and will allow the sun to heat your house. A clever trick is to crack your window open every night before bed and close it in the morning.



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