4 Ways To Increasing Construction Efficiency With Waffle Pods

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Waffle pods are a more efficient system that is being used today to construct concrete slabs. They provide great strength and a high level of durability. They also reduce the cost of building by a huge margin. They are built on-ground and not in-ground, eliminating the need to dig trenches which are a requirement in the traditional method of constructing slabs.

Construction with waffle pods is done on a clear level surface, which is great because work can be done even in wet weather conditions. Concrete quantity specifications are more accurate when using waffle pods. The result of this is minimal waste of material, less disturbance on the environment and the soil, and elimination of rubble that comes from dug trenches.

Waffle pods are used in more specialized projects which involve spaces that need low floor deflections or low-frequency vibrations. Waffle forms which are used for wall slabs come in sizes of 6’’, 8’’, and 10’’ each with 45 and 90-degree forms.

The waffle slabs have pockets which provide a two-directional reinforcement that enhances structural stability and eliminates the need for additional construction material.

Waffle Pods for construction

With that said, here are 4 ways to increasing construction efficiency with waffle pods:

  1.    Less Earthwork Is Needed

Traditional construction methods require that a lot of earthworks be done to ensure a strong foundation is established for the building. But this is not the case for waffle pod slabs since trenches are not required.

Trenches that are dug in traditional concrete work are always at a risk of being filled with water more so during rainy seasons. In such an event, removing the water will be another cost incurred and extra time spent before pouring concrete in those trenches. Waffle pods prove to be a more efficient system to use.

  1.    Minimal Concrete Is Required

Waffle pods have an insulating EPS along with a concrete layer at the top which offers substantial thermal R-value to the foundation of the structure under construction. These pods are more cost-effective and faster to use in construction compared to the traditional pours owing to the fact that they require less concrete.

  1.    There Is Minimal Labor Requirement

The polystyrene waffle pod blocks that have been expanded are very lightweight and quite easy to handle. As such, the labor required when using them for construction is less. The effect on the environment is also greatly reduced since the slab is set on the site rather than on the ground. This greatly increases construction efficiency.

  1.    There Is Construction Simplicity

Some of the major benefits of using waffle pods that make them quite efficient to use is that they simplify construction by using interconnecting components. The energy efficiency of the building being constructed is also increased from the ground to the top.

Compared to traditional concrete foundations, waffle pods provide a strong slab for a building. There are also numerous cost efficiencies with regards to the time that is required to construct using them. All these aspects contribute to simplicity in construction.


Waffle pods are more efficient to use in construction compared to the conventional concrete slabs. Thinking of using them in your construction project? Here is a credible source where you can get Waffle Pods.


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