5 Tips to Cleaning Carpet in Bullhead City

cleaning carpet
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The market is flooded with lots of flooring options, making it difficult to choose the best type of floor for your home. However, carpets, like many other flooring options, have a lot of benefits. Cover your floor with a carpet to experience the comfort it brings indoors. It cushions your feet against hard floors, protecting them from sores and aches.

Carpets offer flexibility under your feet and act as shock absorbers when you walk on them. Unlike ceramic tiles and hard surfaces, carpets provide insulation to interior spaces. According to research, a thick or fluffy carpet has a higher insulating factor, the R-value, despite the material it’s made of.

Therefore, carpets can help you save heating costs as it reduces heat lost. Cleaning your carpet regularly is important as carpets take in a lot of dirt, fur and allergens. Here are the top five tips to help you clean your carpets in Bullhead City:

Top 5 Tips to Carpet Cleaning in Bullhead City

  1. Vacuum Your Carpet

Vacuum your carpet at least once in a week. However, heavy traffic areas, parts of the floor often in use, might require frequent vacuuming. If a carpet is not vacuumed frequently, it accumulates dirt, shortening its lifespan. Accumulated dirt can fray the fiber of your carpet, damaging it.

Clean around areas that are hard to reach. Sprinkle baking soda or a commercial deodorizing agent on the carpet at least 15 minutes before you begin vacuuming. Alternatively, sprinkle cornstarch before vacuuming to get rid of odors.

  1. Get Rid of Stains

Remove stains immediately they occur. Use a piece of cloth and water to clean small, fresh stains off your carpet. However, if you have stains such as red wine and pet urine, you need a stronger cleaning agent.  

Shaving creams are good stain removers. Smear shaving cream on the stain, scrub with a brush then wipe out the cream using a dump piece of rag. Dry the place with a clean, dry cloth.

  1. Remove Mildew

It is common for carpets to get mildew due to several reasons, including an overflowing bathtub. Mix vinegar and water, and use a piece of cloth to sponge the carpet. During sunny days, you can leave it out to dry. However, if there’s no sun, use a hair dryer to dry it.

  1. Use Flour to Remove Greasy Stains

Grease is probably the hardest stain to remove from a carpet. Sprinkle finely sifted flour on the greasy stain. Place a clean paper on top of the stain and a heavy material on top of the paper. Wait for at least thirty minutes. Sweep the flour out of the carpet with a broom. Repeat the process until all the grease comes off.

  1. Use Vinegar and Cornmeal

Vinegar can loosen and remove different types of stains. Use it with a little cornmeal to remove grease. Clean up with a mixture of vinegar and water. In case of chocolate and other types of stains, mix vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:2. It is important to sponge with a clean cloth instead of rubbing to prevent the stain from spreading.

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