5 Tips to cleaning up Carpet Stains

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Getting stains on your carpet is one of the most inventive things that are bound to happen one way or another.  Carpet makes the house beautiful and is is a must-have for most households. Stains on carpet can make them look ugly and not a beautiful site to look at. There are very many ways that one can use to remove stains from the carpet. There are methods which are highly effective and others which are not. Here are some of the most effective tips used by Perth carpet cleaning to remove all kinds of stain on your carpet.

  1.      Determine the kind of stains

There are different types of stains and the method of stain removal will depend on the kind of stain that you have. The most important thing to note is the kind of stain and the most effective method to remove it. The different kinds of stain include blood stains which need to be removed as quickly as possible. There are also red wine stains, chewing gum and coffee stains. All these stains can be highly stubborn and that’s why it’s important to know which one is it and what would work.

  1.      Handle spills immediately

When you spill anything on the carpet the most important thing is to remove the spills almost immediately. This is because the more the spills stay on the carpet the harder it will be to remove it. There are those spills which once they are left they can become permanent where even the best cleaning tools cannot remove them. The good thing about treating spills immediately is that you do not have to use complicated tools and product as you can use simple homemade solutions.

  1.      Use a stain remover

Having a stain removal in the house in quite effective as one does not know when they may become handy. Once you spot a stain, you need to immediately apply a stain remover like vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. It’s important that one applies only on the areas which have the stain. Once the stain remover has been applied it should be allowed to sit for like 10 minutes before the cleaning start.

  1.      Bloat the stain

One of the most simple and effective ways to remove carpet stain is to bloat it away. This is where one uses a clean absorbent cloth and then bloating from inside in.  This action should be repeated until the stain can no longer be transferred to the cloth. In bloating the stain one should start with cold water then move to bloat drying.

  1.      Vacuum the Carpet

The other equally effective way of cleaning carpets and removing stains is to vacuum it often. Vacuuming the carpet allows for removal of the simple and the stubborn stains. It is recommended that one should vacuum their carpet at least twice a week. This way one can be assured that even the stains that one missed are eliminated. The vacuuming should be done wall to wall and thoroughly.



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