5 Tips to Maintaining Your Mini Excavator

mini excavator maintenance
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Thanks to advances in technology, mini excavators can now be put to work for days on end. But this also means that they need better care for them to maintain their operational efficiency at optimal levels. To help you keep your mini excavator working for longer, here are 5 tips on how to maintain it.


  1. Follow the manufacturer’s manual

All mini excavators come with a manual detailing operational controls, safety procedures, as well as the maintenance dates. To ensure that your mini excavator serves you for longer, follow the manufacturers manual at all times. It is through this manual that you will know what to do and not to do with the machine, in order to keep it operational for longer. By following the manufacturer’s menu, you get to service it on time, and keep it working for longer for maximum returns in your business.


  1. Regularly replace the rubber tracks

For a machine that works as continuously as a mini excavator, moving parts are prone to regular wear and tear. The rubber tracks for mini excavator are some of the parts that are most prone to wear and tear, and require regular replacement. Luckily these rubber parts are easy to get and can be bought online. For maximum efficiency, always buy an extra pair of rubber track spares, so as to avoid unnecessary lead times when they need replacement.


  1. Always check the lubricants

For a machine that runs as constantly as a mini excavator, most parts need to stay lubricated at all times. Otherwise, they will wear out due to friction. To ensure that this machine serves you for longer, always ensure that the fluids and lubricants always meet the manufacturer’s recommendations. On top of that, when lubricating your mini excavator, ensure that you use the right lubricants and fluids at all times. Using low-quality might save you a few bucks today, but damage your machine, costing you much more in the long-run. That’s why it’s best to always use the best lubricants in the market.


  1. Always check the electrical systems

Like most other machines in the market today, mini excavators are highly computerized and are full of electrical parts. Damage to these systems can cost thousands of dollars in replacement costs, or even ground the equipment for good. That’s why you need to keep these systems working at all times.  Also, check that there are no rusted cables, or short-circuiting wires, since these can lead to serious issues with the machine’s computer systems.


  1. Constantly check the cooling system

For a machine that works long hours like a mini excavator, overheating can lead to serious damage. To ensure that you keep it working well at all times, make sure that the cooling system is in top-notch condition. The best way to maintain the cooling system is to always check the airflow through the engine. You can also clean the radiator with air pressure, and it will serve you better.



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