Best and Promising Chrome Spray Paints: 2022 Review

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Chrome spraying is an alternative device to use when you’re opting to get the same high shine lustrous finish of chrome, but without having to send off your parts or applying the toxic acid baths that traditional chroming requires. Spray chrome is not chrome, but a front surface silver mirror used to your parts via repeated sprays.

Chrome spray paints give off a shiny, aesthetic finish that transforms any art project into a classy, solid statement piece. It’s beneficial for arts, but it can also transform any item to look new and shiny, at the same time vintage and elegant. These alternative means to traditional chrome are efficient and wouldn’t require you any additional tools and let you get started on your creative project as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for the best and most promising chrome spray paints in the market, look no further. We have compiled a detailed and non-biased list of reviews of the top chrome spray paints, all of which hails the most excellent of all in 2022. Read along.

Best Chrome Spray Paints in the Market

1. Krylon Premium Metallic Original Chrome

Starting the list strong is the Krylon chrome spray paint. This product has a rich past in aerosol colourants that radiate in its offerings. Tier chrome paint, known as Original chrome, is straightforward to manoeuvre and suitable for beginners in painting. The spray itself is very smooth and will cover any item effectively. It’s very tolerant to apply, and even in missing a spot and the paint has dried up, it’s easily fixable by using additional paint.

It’s important as even the most pleasing spray paint is doubtful to emit the mirror-like chrome coating, but Krylon is up to the second-best as it does cast a considerable mirror effect and reverberate the glow impressively good. It ultimately gives an elegant and smooth finish and mimics actual plating.

This chrome spray paint is only intended for interior usage and is most efficacious on plastic wood and wicker. Metal is the least effective, as the spray can be peeled over time. Another thing to consider is its longer drying time, which may be inconvenient.

2. Rust-Oleum 327910

Next on the list is Rust-Oleum, a brand that has been around for decades and hailed most trusted by customers. It’s affordable and easy to use, perfect for novice painters.

This chrome spray paint is super versatile to apply and offers a brilliant metallic sheen. It adheres to any surface without a hassle; it’s a product you can definitely rely on if you’re doing a new art project, painting old items, or transforming a vehicle. It promises life-long shielding and is innovated with an all-side points spray pleasure tip that lessens finger weariness, this aids in very convenient access to those otherwise rigid-to-tint areas.

Unlike Krylon, Rust-Oleum dries quicker, by only 20 minutes of waiting time. It’s also predetermined for interior employment solely. In the case of its con, users complain about how its paint may spit if you don’t adequately shake it before using it.

3. VHT Quick Coat Silver Chrome

Very High Temperature or VHT makes very long-lasting and heightened-quality chrome paint. It makes chrome spraying accessible anywhere, whether in the interior or exterior of a car, furniture, gadgets, and the like. It puts a stop to corruption and decay on appropriately laid down planes; moreover, it renders a rich weather-resistant gloss finish to materials of all kinds, including wood, metal, sealed plaster, and silver.

The chrome it gives is next to matte silver yet still emits an excellent shine. Still, if you’re eyeing for a full-blown reflector effect, you might skip this one. What could VHT do better is their product’s spray nozzle, as reviewers affirm that it can be difficult to work with. However, this issue seems to minimise as time and expertise grow to the user.

4. Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome SZX10009

Spaz is your chrome spray paint if you’re eyeing small projects that need a mirror chrome finish. It’s created with high-quality ingredients that produce a durable, glossy finish that immediately transforms any old or worn-out item. It stands on many surfaces, as long as you carefully apply a base coat on it first. Spaz gives off the most mirror-like finish among all the items on this list, and it also dries out quickly.

Its disadvantage lies with its price; as for chrome spray paint, it leans on the more expensive side.

5. Dupli-Colour SHD1000

Last but not least is Dupli-Colour, which renders the most striking and vibrant colour among all the items on this ultimate list. It’s available in a shadow chrome black shade that, apart from painting, is also suitable for making touch-ups on either a damaged wall or scratched surface. It acts as a brilliant supporting colour, making it the ideal accent paint. It works well with indoor projects alongside cars and is very scratch-resistant.

Its con lies in its coat being considerably thin, and users have also complained that it can be challenging to get the right mixture before getting into action.

Things to Consider Before Making Your Chrome Spray Paint Purchase

1. Toughness

The paint must last a prolonged time so that all your creative projects look amazingly done well all the time. Don’t opt for paints that peel after a few years. To get value for money, you must select a colour that delivers a vibrant coat while damage-resistant.

2. Price

No one wants to splurge their savings when buying chrome spray paint. Look for ones that bear consistent and impressive coating at affordable prices.

3. Texture

Lastly, the thickness of the solution will ultimately specify how many coatings are required to achieve your project’s optimum texture. The finest spray paints have just the right measure of viscosity that permits you to get an even layer on most materials.

As you can see, it can be difficult even to choose a paint for chrome spraying. Usually, the process of chrome painting does not forgive a mistake. So, it is better to find yourself a helping hand by hiring a professional company that provides chrome spraying services. With such a company you can forget about the difficulties connected with this accurate process and rely on professionals.


Chrome spraying is easy when you have the appropriate material for it. Our above list stands the best of the best in the market, so you’re truly promised a great art project-making experience.

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