Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget

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Every home begins to look a little shabby after a while. Paintwork becomes dull, wooden surfaces get chipped and tired, and those carpets start to lose their colour.

Add to this that you probably become bored with your interior décor over time and fancy a change, and you are thinking about having a new look.

But – and this is where we all share the problem – you’re on a serious budget. You have bills to pay, a family to keep, and those niggling surprise expenses that crop up now and again.

Can you improve your home on a budget?

Of course you can, and we’ve got some great tips to share with you that will get you started!

Start with a Clear Out

This is an idea that not only costs you nothing – you might even make some money from it! Have a good look around your home, in every room, and check out the number of things you rarely or never use.

That old chair in the corner, for example, that nobody sits on, or the odd lamp sat on a table that doesn’t get used.

Check your cupboards for stuff that has been tucked away and forgotten about – you might be surprised what you find! Next, get rid of it all!

You can take whatever you want and throw it away, or if it works or might be of use to someone, put it on an online auction site such as eBay.com or Facebook’s Marketplace (we recommend Facebook for a quick sale), or hold a garage sale.

You never know what people might buy, and you end up with a lot of clear spaces that you can work with.

Paint is Your Friend

Is your wallpaper dated and looking worse for wear? Perhaps your paintwork has lost its sheen – or even its appeal!

Or, you may have recently moved into a house and want to change the colour scheme completely. In any of these instances, paint really is your friend!

Strip the walls of paper – or simply paint over the old paper if it is not going to show through – and give a room or the whole house a fresh paint job!

But, before you get out your rollers and brushes, be aware that there is a far more efficient and cost effective method of painting.

Many people have found it is best to use an airless paint sprayer for covering large areas with paint (and even small ones) as these very clever devices use less paint, do the job far more quickly, and give you a very even and neat finish.

You can even use one to do the external paintwork, and they are very useful indeed! Check them out and see how to save time painting.

Refresh Your Cupboard Doors

While we’re on the subject of painting, what about those cupboard doors in your kitchen and bathroom? You might be looking at replacing them – that’s an expensive option – but what if they would benefit from a fresh coat of paint?

You can change the look of a kitchen very quickly with fresh paint, and it doesn’t take much time.

Also, another way to give cupboard doors and drawer fronts a new look is to change the fittings. Your local hardware store will stock various different packs of handles and more, so you can have a new-look at very little expense.

Change Your Blinds and Curtains

This is a simple idea that will dramatically alter the look of a room. Let’s take your living room as an example: do you have blind or curtains? Have they been there a long time?

If so, why not consider changing one for the other, or perhaps investing in new curtains or a different type of blinds?

This is not as expensive as you may believe – especially where blinds are concerned – and you can fit blinds to a large window for surprisingly little expense.

Not only that, but they come with all fittings and are easy to hang if you have just a moderate understanding of DIY!

It’s a great way of getting a new look, and worth checking out.

Look for Bargains

Next time you are at your local home wares superstore, make sure you visit the discount section.

There’s always a room or an area where products are reduced. Some may be customer returns, some may have slight defects, and the odd chair missing a castor might be going very cheap.

This is where you can pick up quality furnishings, fixtures and fittings at great prices. Home depot even has an online area dedicated to clearance and returned products at knock down prices.

Think outside the box and look for incomplete sets of tiles, for example, and you might find yourself some serious savings. It’s always worth checking out, and it’s great fun!

We hope that we have given you some inspiration with our basic tips on budget home improvement, so have a further read and see just how you can have a great looking home with little money spent!

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