How Do Air Filter Sizes Work?

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Undoubtedly, air filters have become one of the essential components of the home. In addition to filtering out harmful pollutants and contaminants, air filters also ensure that your heating and cooling air conditioning system runs efficiently. Click here to purchase any size filter you need.  Let’s see exactly how air filter sizes work.

Filter Sizes & How They Work

When looking for the perfect air filter size, it might help you understand what the optimal and actual sizes are and what they refer to. To get the exact dimensions for your air filter, you must measure it in inches. The air filter must slide easily into the HVAC’s frame leaving a little room. So, if you need to force the air filter into the frame, you will most likely need a smaller filter.

Regular Size

When producing air filters, most manufacturers use fixed sizes. The number is generally displayed on one side of the air filters. However, those sizes can be somewhat confusing for consumers, as they won’t match the measurements they’ve made at home.

According to experts, there will be no two filters of the same size after the production process ends. So, if you need an air filter of 17 x 21 x 1, you may find it measured at 16 1/2 x 20 1/2 x 0.75. Generally, the size creates consistency, and comparing various filter models is a lot simpler.

Actual Size of a Filter

As the name suggests, the actual size is the air filter’s exact size. If you already know the actual size of your filters, you can quickly round the numbers up to the nearest inch to find the nominal size. Most filters are 1/4″ to 1/2″ larger than the actual size.

Custom Air Filters

Custom air filters have become incredibly popular in the United States. Aside from keeping the home safe and healthy, they improve the efficiency of the air conditioner without compromising the quality of the living environment. Custom air filters are the most effective on the market because they perfectly fit the HVAC system’s specific requirements. Based on your needs, they can be simple, single-layered, or more complex. Custom air filters can go up to 50×75 cm, so it is safe to say they will meet everyone’s needs.

The Most Common Air Filter Sizes

Most air filters are 1 to 6 inches in depth, with the length and width based on the depth. The most common air filter sizes you will find on the market are the following:

  • 1″ air filters: 10x30x1, 12x12x1, 12x20x1, 12x24x1, 12x30x1, 14x14x1, 14x18x1, 14x20x1, 14x24x1, 14x30x1, 15x20x1, 16x20x1, 18x18x1, 18x20x1, 18x30x1, 20x22x1, 20x23x1, 20x24x1, 24x24x1, 24x30x1, and 25x25x1
  • 2″ air filters: 16x25x2, and 20x25x2
  • 3″ air filters: 16x25x3
  • 4″ air filters: 16x20x4, 20x20x4, and 20x25x4
  • 5″ air filters: 16x25x5, and 20x25x5
  • 6″ air filters: 20x25x6

Wrapping it Up

The wrong-sized filter can cause severe damage to your HVAC unit, regardless of whether they are too small or too large. Your air filter’s size may not be correct if you hear rattling noises or notice bent corners or dust all over the house. Failing to buy the right sized filter can reduce your system’s effectiveness and stress your heating and cooling unit. This may lead to higher energy bills or damage your HVAC unit.

If you cannot find the right size filter for your HVAC system, you can get them customized based on your unit’s exact specifications and needs.

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