How Often Should I Service My HVAC System?

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If you’re like many homeowners, you aren’t aware you should have your HVAC system tuned-up by a professional every year. Your HVAC system is like a car in that it needs regular maintenance to perform at its best. There are several reasons to schedule this service every year.

Does My HVAC System Need Regular Maintenance?

Having your HVAC system tuned-up annually is something that benefits you both short and long term. If you have a furnace and air conditioner, you should have the furnace tuned-up in the fall and the air conditioner in the spring. The reason for this is you want the components of your HVAC system working at their best when they receive their most heavy usage. If you have a heat pump, have it professionally maintained in the spring and fall since you use it throughout the year.

Why Shouldn’t I Get My HVAC System Tuned-up in the Winter or Summer?

You should avoid having your HVAC system tuned-up in the winter and summer because those are both busy times for HVAC companies. They have many appointments for installing HVAC systems and repairing them during those seasons. You’ll have an easier time scheduling an appointment when they’re not so busy.

What is HVAC Maintenance?

What the technician does during a tune-up depends on your HVAC equipment. In general, they replace air filters and clean the interior of your HVAC system. This helps keep it operating as efficiently as possible as dust, dirt and other debris prevent your system from operating at its best.

They also check that your thermostat is working properly. Additionally, they visually inspect your entire system, so small issues can be corrected before they turn into larger problems. Find out more about HVAC maintenance here.

Avoid Breakdowns

One of the reasons to schedule regular HVAC maintenance is that it helps avoid breakdowns. There’s no worse time to find out there’s a problem than when your HVAC system is working hard because it’s really hot or cold outside. During HVAC maintenance, the technician can identify and fix small issue before they lead to your system failing.

Protect Your Warranty

The manufacturers of HVAC systems require that you keep them well-maintained. Keeping the system working properly through maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs from occurring. If you don’t schedule a tune-up every year, the warranty is probably voided.

Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

A well-maintained HVAC system will last far longer than one that has been neglected. When you schedule regular maintenance, you keep your system operating more smoothly with less wear and tear. You can find out more about this here.

Maintain Energy Efficiency

One of the big reasons to schedule regular HVAC tune-ups is that it keeps your system operating efficiently. When your system is working at peak performance, you will save money on your energy bills. The savings on your energy bills can easily pay for the cost of maintenance.

If you live in the Houston, TX, area, your local HVAC maintenance expert is House Pro.

Maintain High Indoor Comfort

You’ll keep your home comfortable by scheduling annual HVAC maintenance. When you neglect your system, your home may have rooms that are colder are hotter than the rest of the house. An HVAC system that is neglected can have difficulty distributing conditioned air evenly across your home.

Additionally, the indoor air quality of your home will be higher when you schedule annual maintenance. By keeping your HVAC system well-maintained, your family will breathe healthier air. This is especially important for families where someone has allergies or asthma.

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