How To Protect Your Home And Assets: 6 Useful Tips

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Moving into a brand-new house is for sure a thrilling moment, however, if you want to make sure you live in a happy and secure place, then you must put some safety measures into place. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you may think your neighborhood is, the reality is, that burglaries are very common.

In fact, according to the statistics, when it comes to the United States, burglaries happen approximately once every thirty seconds, which is definitely not good news. That’s why you should prioritize protecting your property.

On a more positive note, there are so many simple, yet effective steps that you can take to accomplish that, and if you want to know what you can do, then just take a look at our advice below.

Don’t Forget The Home Warranty

One of the best ways to protect your assets and your property from the unexpected is precisely this. Although this may not protect you from theft, it’s surely worth having. There are numerous benefits of a home warranty, and possibly one of the biggest ones is the fact that it provides you with additional protection.

Namely, this type of warranty can complement traditional homeowner’s insurance. Unlike insurance, a home warranty represents a service agreement that covers the most essential appliances and home system components when they stop working because of classic wear and tear.

These are the things that typical homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover. Now, if you want to know the average home warranty cost, then you should browse the web to see which one fits your budget the most. And then, of course, pick the most suitable one.

Secure Your Windows & Doors

Locking your windows and doors is one of the easiest, yet most efficient, steps that you can take to protect your home against any intruders. Although this may seem like the most obvious thing to do, sadly, a lot of homeowners tend to overlook it.

Bear in mind that thieves are always searching for easy targets, which is precisely a property with unlocked windows and doors. Now, it doesn’t mean that you should lock them only when you’re not at home.

That’s supposed to be done all the time because you can never be too sure whether somebody is going to try to enter your house only when you’re not around.

Beware Of The Dog Sticker Is Not The Wisest Thing To Do

People have always believed that having a big, potentially dangerous dog is going to protect their house from these types of occurrences. And even though nobody denies this fact, the truth is, there’s no guarantee that a burglar is going to bypass your home just because he or she has noticed your pet.

In fact, if a thief notices that you have a dog to protect your house, he/she will most likely try to enter your property thinking that it’s highly likely you do not have an alarm on because the dog is here. Therefore, you should avoid displaying this sign because it just might cause an adverse effect.

Light Up The Landscape

Intruders and other types of criminals definitely do not enjoy being in the spotlight, hence if you want to keep them at bay, then you can accomplish that with outdoor lighting. You should put lights around the front and back yards, close to the garage and other outdoor areas, and along pathways.

This will not only make them jumpy, but it will decrease your chances of stumbling on your way up the front steps as well. If you want to be sure outdoor lights are maximally efficient, then you should follow these tips below:

  1. Utilize motion-activated lights
  2. Employ a smart outlet to put a timer on outdoor lights
  3. Save energy by using solar-powered lights
  4. Set up schedules with smart light bulbs

Set Home Alarm

If you have an alarm, then make sure to set it before you leave. By virtue of technology, there are a lot of advanced alarm systems that are connected to cell phone apps, which will let you know if the alarm goes off.

Don’t Overlook Garage

This area of the property has become very attractive to burglars, therefore, if they cannot access your home, they will most likely try to enter your garage. Besides locking all the doors to the garage, you should also:

  • Upgrade to a smart garage door opener
  • Cover windows to hide all the items that are inside
  • Secure the doors with high-quality locks
  • Opt for a driveway alarm

No matter how much you love the place you live in, you are never going to feel comfortable inside your house if it’s not protected properly. If you share this opinion, then ensure to implement some of these methods above.

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