Luxury Bathroom Design for your Home

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Are you looking for a luxury bathroom design or planning to remodel your existing right now? Pinoy eplans is presenting a glamorous bathroom design which is perfectly suited for your Master’s Bedroom. A place for relaxation showed by its spacious sitting carefully planned to arrangement of bath tubs, vanity and sitting to feel its modern design.

bathroom designs-pinoy eplans-2

At the left are 2 chairs for you to relax and enjoy lighted candles makes a soothing feel.  Vanity is located at the right  with a large mirror. The tub is carefully located and enclosed with a privacy glass showed by the white ceramic fritting. The tub is also furnished with hard wood texture including a small fireplace as an options.



bathroom designs-pinoy eplans-3



bathroom designs-pinoy eplans-4



bathroom designs-pinoy eplans-5



bathroom designs-pinoy eplans-6



bathroom designs-pinoy eplans-7

Above is a floor plan for this bathroom design which is 5.46 x 3.3 meters in dimension. Having this as your reference for your future bathroom can greatly help you plan. Together with the images above you will surely want to make this bathroom in reality.


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