Simple 2 Bedroom Home Plan

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This simple 2 bedroom home plan has a total floor area of 92 square meters. This concept is perfect for a low budget housing and small family. The roof design is combination of hip roof  and parapet wall, dark colored roof tiles. Walls are simple with defined lines to make an impression since the paint or color is uniform. Windows are dark brown color that could be in steel or aluminum profiles with 6 mm glass.

You’ll also notice the presence of two granite pillars right next to the main entrance. They literally glow next to the plain walls and simplistic design of the overall house.



Taking a closer look on the detailed floor plan, the layout begins with the Sit-out or porch leading you towards the main entrance. Opening the entrance door is a spacious living room greeting and inviting you to sit and relax for a bit. The size of the living room is 4.20 meters by 3.45 meters or 14.5 square meters spacious enough to accommodate sizable visitors.

The two bedrooms are situated at the left side of the living area with Bedroom 1 same size as the living area. This bedroom could serve as the master’s bedroom since it is bigger than the other room. Also adjacent to bedroom 1 is bedroom 2 with its own built-in closet. Both of this room is accessible from the living room.

Toilet and bath is in a close proximity as well. Door is concealed so that while eating at the dining, users are not being seen. It has also separate wash area convenient for occupants.

2 Bedroom Home Plan

Going further into details of this simple 2 bedroom home plan, modular kitchen is carefully planned so that this room is isolated from the main rooms by providing a door to enclosed this area. The advantage of this design is to minimize the fumes during the cooking proper to spread to other rooms. It is also augmented with a work area to help the busy work in the main kitchen area. This can also be a service or laundry area.

Source: keralahouseplanner

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