The Best 10 activities for expats who rent in Maadi, Cairo

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Maadi is a place in Cairo that any expats can go to and have the best time of their life. Located in Cairo, Maadi is a beautiful land that is full of green nature with trees everywhere and for the lovers of nature and fresh air; you couldn’t be in a better place. There are numerous activities that expats who want to feel home away from home can engage in and enjoy their time in Maadi.

Maadi offers lots of activities that you can indulge in and get the best experiences. Whether you are an expat who is there on vacation, looking to acquire work experience or various business opportunities, there are so many activities and places to visit. Here are 10 best activities for expats renting in Maadi.

Multicultural environment

With people from the Asian, Black as well as White communities, Maadi offers a multicultural set up for everyone. People from different races and cultures are there making the community more fun and interesting to live in.

Awesome accommodation services

For those looking a quiet, private life, Maadi has places that will offer you the best accommodation. You can get a residency permit, find accommodation and live comfortably. From the quiet suburbs to the luxurious estates, boulevards, and villas, you will find rental apartments & villas in maadi to meet your needs and personal preferences.

Great art

Maadi is home to a wide range of vinyl.  If you want the best vinyl you can choose from the wide selection of first edition available.

Nice restaurants

You will find great places to dine and the most splendid restaurants in Maadi. The restaurants have different food types along with a variety of burgers and pizza.

Established international schools

Those looking at relocating to Maadi can sample from the top American & British schools available. You do not have to worry about your kids getting the best studying options in Maadi among the top schools being the Cairo American College or Maadi British International School.

Great medical services

Maadi is home to hospitals and medical centers with a combination of different specializations. You will also find from vet clinics, pediatrics as well as women’s centers.

Visit Road 9

Most roads in Maadi lead to Road 9. Road 9 is located within an area where you will get a wide range of facilities from flower shops, gyms, and even pubs. You can also enjoy a long walk on Road 9 on Fridays, a day when the place is designated a car-free area.

Best butcheries

Have a taste of the best bacon on Oink if you are not a fan of beef bacon. Most expats savor at the taste of bacon, ham, and pork sold in most of the butchers in Maadi.


There is a long list of pubs that expats who love a sip of beer can go to enjoy with their friends. From the Ace, BCA among others, it’s up to you to make your pick.

Unique transportation services

The unique use of the Metro line which has 3 stops gives you access to three stations, the Maadi, Hadayek El Maadi and Thakanat El Maadi which you can explore during your stay or visit.

If you are an expat intending to rent in Maadi, get ready to experience life in Cairo. Relax and enjoy the wonderful things present in the Egyptian region.

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