The Perfect Way to Edge a Garden Bed with a Lawn Edger

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A beautiful lawn lends a majestic air to your yard, and if kept well, it can be a very beautiful area. Lawns first become a formal addition to a home when very rich landowners created them in Europe many centuries ago, but in the USA, the lawn is now part of every respectable suburban home. A lawn also has a practical use, being somewhere the family can play or take a break, and there are many different types of lawn grass you can choose from to get the effect you want.

Mowing a lawn is essential, and you most likely have a powered mower. You can get a lovely effect by mowing in opposing directions, and it looks superb. But what about those untidy edges? What do you do with them? You need to check out lawn edgers, which are excellent devices that help you tidy up the edge of the lawn. In the following article, we look at the different types, how they work, and what to look for when choosing your lawn edger.

What Are Lawn Edgers? 

A lawn edger is a device that is specially designed to trim the area at the edge of your lawn and make it neat. What may surprise you is that there are a number of different takes on how a lawn edger should work. As a result, there’s quite a lot to understand about these very useful and inexpensive devices. Lawn edgers tend to be powered by an electric motor that makes them versatile for any garden, are easy to use and efficient. So, what are the different types of lawn edgers, and what makes each one worth checking out?

The first type of lawn edger we’ll talk about you may have seen before because it is basically a strimmer. Using a spinning central hub that has a thin plastic wire emerging from it and powered by a small electric motor, it slices away the grass blades as it spins and does an effective job. As you can also use it as a strimmer, it’s a multi-purpose device.

Another type is one that features a long handle and a vertical blade, powered by an electric motor. The idea is to drive the blade along the edge of the lawn. This cuts the grass back and also creates a nice line at the edge of the turf for a regular and very neat finish. These are popular, lightweight, and easy to use, and are made by a wide choice of brands.

The third type we will mention is an altogether different type of machine. Powered by a small gas engine, these devices take the concept of lawn edging further by using an adjustable vertical blade that can be set to various heights and having a double set of wheels so they can be pushed along more easily. This is the most powerful but also the most expensive type of lawn edger.

Which is for you? Let’s list what you need to consider when looking for one of these.

Choosing the Right Lawn Edger 

There are a number of factors to consider when you are thinking of buying a lawn edger. Budget is, of course, one, but others are more practical factors relating to the use of the machine. Let’s run through the most important:

Single Wheel or Walk-Behind – whether you choose a single-wheel design that is a wheel on the end of a pole or a walk-behind model, these being the more sophisticated types as described above, is up to you. In this factor, the price will be a consideration, as will the next consideration.

Size of Your Yard – how much lawn are you dealing with? The size of your lawn will have a big influence on the machine you choose. A small lawn will be easily dealt with using one of the lighter and cheaper models, but a larger lawn will certainly be easier to deal with using a more powerful walk-behind model.

Power Source – there are effectively four different power sources for lawn edgers, these being: gas-powered, mains electric powered, rechargeable battery power, and manually operated models. The latter we would recommend only for very small lawns – perhaps a strip down the side of the house – and the gas models for larger lawns. The choice between battery and mains is this: the former has no power cord, so it can go anywhere but has limited battery time; the latter has power at all times but is limited by the length of the cord.

Blade Size – we recommend you look for a model with a blade size of at least 7”, and perhaps a 9” model for better versatility. These are the common blade sizes for most brands and will enable you to do the job to the best of your ability.

Ease of Use – check reviews for customer’s comments on the ease of use of the model you wish to look at. The smaller machines are light and versatile but not as powerful as larger machines, which do a more thorough job but are heavy and more expensive. Choose the type you are most comfortable with, and spend within your budget.

Those are a few of the important considerations when choosing a lawn edger, so let’s see if we can sum things up.


There is a lot of evidence that draws a positive link between gardening and mental health, so we’re happy to recommend you get out in the garden and start pottering about! When it comes to a neatly kept lawn, it not only looks great, it will be appreciated by your neighbors and also adds value to your home. Keeping the edge of a lawn tidy may have been a chore in the past, but with a lawn edger that is the right size and type for your garden, you’ll find it becomes a pleasant job that you can do with little effort and that results in a lawn to be proud of.

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