3 Benefits To Having Your Basement Professionally Waterproofed

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Most property owners focus mainly on the aesthetic aspect of their premises and pay little attention to protect their basement from possible water leaks. In cases of a leak, we often address dampness in the basement by patching up or plugging up the moisture and excess water entry points.

Such solutions, however, can’t match professionally done basement waterproofing. Let’s explore the reasons as to why you must consider seeking the services of a waterproofing professional rather than patching up the leaks by yourself.

1. Long-term solution

Waterproofing a basement requires expertise similar to other services. Resorting to DIY renders your basement prone to future moisture problems and additional repair costs. A qualified and experienced waterproofing expert can accurately determine possible causes and their respective solutions for leakages in your basement.

Additionally, professionals employ state of the art tools that diagnose the problem at hand more accurately and faster than a DIY ever could. Using tools and expertise address the root of the problem permanently and quickly, thus enabling property owners to concentrate on more important issues in the long-term.

A professionally waterproofed basement increases the amount of usable space at the basement. For instance, you can remodel your dry basement to an entertainment room, store or even an extra living room.

Lastly, working with a professional offers you the privilege to learn one or two things on the best approach to use to address future water leak problem in your basement.


2. Reduced health problem risks

A damp basement poses health related- like mold-related allergies – issues to dwellers as such conditions encourage the growth of toxic molds like the poisonous black mold. It’s noteworthy that a day or two is enough for toxic molds to grow. An expertly done waterproofing exercise is the best bet against mold growth. 


3.    Long-term protection of your building’s integrity

Construction and property purchasing costs, cost an arm and a leg. That alone should make you want to put out all stops to maintain your property in the best possible condition. Maintaining your basement ought to rank at the top of your priorities.

Compromising on the basement which forms part of the foundation puts the overall condition of your property in jeopardy. A professionally waterproofed basement offers support to the upper portions of your house or commercial building for the longest time possible.

Supposing you intend to sell your property at some point in future, prospective customers will want to get utmost value for their money. A professionally waterproofed basement boosts property value by about 20%.


Bottom line

Have you considered waterproofing your basement? Supposing you didn’t answer in the affirmative, we strongly suggest that you seek the services of a licensed and highly experienced professional at your earliest convenience.

Otherwise, you’ll put your loved ones at the risk of contracting mold-related health problems or worse, compromise the quality of your property.



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