4 Things To Keep in Mind When Maintaining Steel Windows or Doors

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Steel windows and doors are usually strong enough to last for as long the building stands. However, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect them, when taking care of the building. If anything, proper maintenance of steel doors and windows can go a long way in ensuring that the building lasts for longer. Besides, they add to the building’s aesthetic value, which is an important component to a building’s market valuation. However, even with all these benefits, taking care of steel doors and windows requires some level of skill. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when maintaining steel windows or doors.


  1. Wash-down to keep them looking glam

Most steel doors and windows come with a factory pre-applied color coating. The thickness and quality of this color pretty much depends on the price-tag. Hand-crafted steel windows and doors have a thicker coating, which means they can go for longer without the need for a wash-down. However, that doesn’t mean that you neglect them. Try and do it at least twice a year. Doing this can go a long way in keeping your building in top-notch quality, both structurally, and aesthetically.


  1. Site applied finishes need to be done by an expert

On top of the pre-applied coating, most people prefer to add an extra layer on their own. However, it is important that this is done by an expert. That’s because if applied wrong, it can hinder the proper working of the hinges. This is not only inconveniencing when opening and closing the door/window, but can also increase the rate of wear and tear. When done by an expert, it not only gives an aesthetically pleasing look, but also adds to the life of the door/window.


  1. Hinge lubrication is not necessary

Most people don’t know this, but steel door/windows don’t need any lubrication. As a matter of fact, such lubrication is not advisable. That’s because it makes the door/window move too freely and can hurt someone. Just imagine a steel door swinging freely on a windy day, and hitting someone? That would be dangerous especially if you have children in the house. To maintain the hinges of steel doors/windows, just tighten the lock-nuts periodically, and everything will work just fine. Steel doors/windows are designed to work perfectly and for long, without the need for any kind of lubrication.


  1. Periodically replace the joint seals

While steel doors and windows are long-lasting by virtue of being made of steel, their joint seals may not last as long. That’s why in the life of the door/window, make sure that these sealants are replaced. For best results, go for sealants that are provided by the manufacturer. They fit best with the door or window that they have sold to you and can last for long. They may be more expensive than those got from elsewhere, but they will definitely serve you for longer. They are cheaper in the long-run.



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