4 Tips to Choosing the Right Artificial Grass for Your Home

artificial grass
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Grass can be hectic to grow, but it does create a beautiful look to ones home. To save you the hassle of growing grass, artificial grass can be a great substitute. For instance, Crown Artificial Grass is a fantastic place to get this grass. Here are a few tips to guide you when choosing the same.

1. Consider your usage

There are different reasons as to why people have artificial grass in their homes installed. Some do it in order to have a fresh natural look on their lawns but without actually using it very often. Others want an area where the kids can play outdoors or where they can play with family pets such as dogs. Therefore you must consider the main activities that the grass will be used for before making a purchase. For instance, if you have kids or pets, ensure that you purchase grass that can withstand all the movements from your loved ones. Make sure the blades are not too long in order to avoid getting patches of flat grass as a result of the games played by your children.

2. Density

In order for your lawn to appear like it has natural grass, you have to pay attention to the density. This refers to the number of blades per square unit. The more the amount of artificial grass per unit the more the area will have a natural look and feel to your hands and feet. It will thus come in handy especially if you want a yard where you and your family will hang out often.  Artificial grass that has a high density is, however, a bit more expensive compared to grass with a smaller number of blades per square unit. Do your research, therefore, before purchasing in order to compare prices and get the grass that comfortably fits in your budget.

3. Colour

Most people believe that artificial grass that has an intense green colour will appear the freshest and most natural. This, however, is a lie. Natural grass is imperfect with a bit of discolouration here and there. When choosing your artificial grass, therefore, do not go for the perfect green. Select that which has a bit of brown in it in order to get a real natural look. On the other hand, you can get lighter shades of green which have a more natural appearance. Most artificial vendors have a showroom or area where you can get a real look at how the grass will look in your backyard. This will thus help you make the most suitable choice.

4. Height

Grass with long blades has a lush appearance which most people would like for their backyards. The downside to long blades or a large pile height is the fact that these blades tend to succumb more to the pull of gravity and thus end up falling to the sides. This causes them to lie flat which does not make your artificial grass look anything close to natural. Consult a trusted and well renown vendor on the suitable length for grass that will help you attain the natural look you desire on your yard.



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