4 Tips to Reduce Your Utility Bills

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How much do you pay in utility bills each month?

Yes, it can get burdensome to manage the bills if you aren’t careful.

Hiring an energy saving consultant is not always an answer. It’s hard to swallow piles of huge bills especially when the times are hard and you have limited funds. So here are few tips not to let your pocket get a hole burned in it!


  1. Keep a check on your refrigerator and air–conditioner temperature

Even when it’s a hot day, make your use of air – conditioners minimal. By using electric fans – even if they are on continuously- can make a huge difference in your bills. Most often you tend to put ACs on a low temperature as soon as it is switched on. This increasingly affects your bills.

Refrigerators too, need to be put on temperatures that do not make it like freezers and add on to your expenses. Also, do not keep refrigerators open for a  long time. The room temperature affects it and forces it to take a longer time to cool, which is yet another disadvantage to increasing your bills.


  1. Install Solar Panels

The initial investment isn’t as much as you would think and solar panels need minimal maintenance costs today. And with the right solar panel, you can significantly save on your electricity bills – making this really cost effective long term.

You can also go in for an AZ window film to lower your electricity needs, since it helps protect your windows and stops the sun rays from making the room hotter.


  1. Unplug Appliances when Not in Use and Check for Repairs

Even when your appliances are turned off, yet plugged in, they consume power. Whether it is your electric water pump or any other electrical appliance, it’s necessary you make sure that the plug is removed.

A simpler way is to attach the plugs to a power strip and unplug it after you finish off your chores. You can also upgrade to a smart power strip which makes it even more easier.


  1. Use Water Only when Required

Overuse is what you need to avoid. Do you your teeth or wash your face and forget to turn the faucet off? Don’t. Those few minutes of water that goes unused is wasted. So you are using more than required and end up paying your hard – earned money on something that could easily save.

You may also want to check your shower–head. You might want to switch to a low – flow shower head that reduces excessive use of water.


The Other Tips to Help You

The stove has been bought to be used, and you are bent over using it more than your other cooking appliances. For simple meals, use ovens and toasters. This lessens your gas bills as it is quite expensive.

You can also use a programmable thermostat whereby the temperature can be preset, and while you are sleeping, the heater does not work at high temperatures.

Always clean your air – filters because dirty, clogged filters do not work efficiently and ultimately lead to higher bills.



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