5 Benefits of Damp Proofing the Basement

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In most Hollywood movies that we see, a basement is a place either meant to be used as a gym, a playroom for children, or most commonly, as a storeroom. Sure, you would like to place things that you don’t need in the basement, but you wouldn’t want them to go bad.

The problem of moisture accumulation leading to the formation of mould is a never ending problem for many house owners. And it happens because the basement is never made damp proof.

What Can You Do About It?

To ensure that your basement is damp-free and no moisture enters it, most houses since the 1950s have made their cellars damp-proof. However, most of its lasting effects depend on the type of equipment and products used.

As customers, you don’t know the products you can trust.  Yet, if you are looking to protect your basement, you need to ensure proper damp-proofing. You need a suitable product to help you.

The Top Reasons Damp-Proofing Your Basement is a Good Idea

Here are the five main benefits of damp-proofing your basement.

  1. Fresh Atmosphere:

Moulds often create a damp smell which permeates the house from the basement. Constant cleaning also does not help as this turns into a permanent problem to be dealt with. Damp-proofing it alleviates the ventilation problem, and the smell subsides from the house.

  1. Assurance of a Safe Health:

The mildew and mould keeps growing. It consequently leads to complications in the respiratory system. Most of the times they do not pose a threat to life, but it is always safe to do the needful (that is, damp-proofing) as it affects even the healthiest of persons.

  1. Firm Base:

The basement is the foundation of your home. Damp creates internal issues like wet rot, causing rifts and cracks and makes the building weak. There are a number of houses whose drainage system is just under the basement and not around the house.

By damp-proofing, you are always ensured that your foundation is protected and the house that stands on it is equally firm no matter how damp the drainage could cause.

  1. High-Value Added Investment:

Damp-proofing adds immense value to your house. It’s not just the benefit of safety and strength; when you plan to sell your houses, you get a better return. Remember, as houses grow older by the years, the basement becomes even damper and you would have to worry about dry rot. With the help of damp-proofing, the value and estimate cost of your house always remains high.

  1. Reduced Energy and Power Saving:

When there are cracks, during summers, moisture seeps into the basement making the house moisture filled and humid. This makes the air conditioner to use up more energy to cool rooms.

Similarly, during winters, cold air enters and the room heaters’ usage is doubled up. By filling those cracks by damp-proofing, customers save energy throughout the year and the expense of damp-proofing the basement is worth every penny spent.

However, it always advisable that you double check with the damp-proofing products’ companies and the experts involved.

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