The Top 4 Reasons to Restore Glass Instead of Replacing It

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The world of home and building maintenance has changed dramatically over the last few years. Traditionally, if your windows were broken, leaky, or otherwise performing at a sub-par level, all you had to do was to repair them. Then, the trend was to remove and replace them, especially the older, wood-framed windows. New manufacturing processes guaranteed that mass-produced fiberglass and vinyl-framed windows became all the rage in the construction industry at the time.

However, the world has become more green and environmentally conscious since then. Reuse has become the new buzzword of the day and the green home movement continues to gain more steam. As a result, glass restoration has become an important, sustainable option for property owners. Here are 4 more reasons why you should consider restoring glass instead of replacing it:

  1. The Cost Factor

We all know that maintaining any building can be a major drain on your bank account. Choosing to replace your glass windows every few years will only ramp up your expenses. Sure, the dual-paned windows of today are more effective at retaining air conditioning and heat. However, the math simply doesn’t justify their expense. That’s because this newer glass is only 15 percent more efficient than the older storm window units. Also, windows only make up a small fraction of the exterior envelope of your building. When you consider the cost of replacing the glass against your total energy savings, it would take the average homeowner at least 100 years to earn back their investment.

  1. Older is Better

Any veteran in the construction industry will tell you that the solid wood products of today do not hold a candle to the wood used 50 or 100 years ago. That’s mostly because the lumber is farmed very quickly, rather than allowed to grow slowly and naturally. Older woods stand up better to the elements in the long run. So, it only makes sense to restore older glass windows that will guarantee you years and years of good performance.

In such cases, the glass restoration will probably advise you to install some sort of cladding to extend your windows’ lifespan. This type of finish lasts up to four times longer than paint. The most popular option for cladding is aluminum, which will protect your window frames from rot. However, vinyl is another viable – and more affordable – choice too.  

  1. Replacing is Easy

Just because your old glass windows are drafty or leaky doesn’t mean that you have to replace them! A good glass restoration specialist can give them an in-depth overhaul and restore them to their original glory in no time. Once this process is done, you may well end up with windows that are just as effective as brand new ones. Besides, these older windows are quite beautiful and add a sense of charm and old-world class to any building, making them well worth keeping.

  1. Consider Resale Value

The best way to ramp up your building’s resale value is by maintaining it regularly. On the other hand, making the wrong maintenance decisions can detract from its value in the long run. It is an undeniable fact that things like built-in cabinets, mantelpieces, and original wood windows are crucial architectural features in any structure. If you replace them with downscale products, you will drive down the building’s resale value. Glass restoration ensures that you maintain the original look and feel of the structure, ensuring that you will get the best price when you have the yen to sell.

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