5 Tips on Renovating a Lawn

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Taking on the task of renovating your lawn is not an easy job. There will be physical labor throughout the process. However, the end result makes it all worth the process.

There are many reasons as to why you would renovate your lawn. For starters, it enhances the curb appeal of your home which will boost your property value. You may need to renovate your lawn to get the needed nutrients back into the soil so that the grass can grow.

If you’re deciding it’s time to renovate your lawn, it’s best to start early to mid-fall. During this time, the soil is still warm enough to work with, and the grass seeds can germinate quickly. The outdoor air will have began to cool which will help stop the new grass from drying out.

To help you through your renovation process, consider the following five tips, so you have a successful lawn renovation.

Choose the Best Grass Seed

Different grass seeds are dependent on the climate. If you live in a region that gets really cold you wouldn’t want to plant grass meant for hot weather, and vice versa. Before you purchase grass seed, you should first know what the climate is like where you live. After that, you can buy accordingly for the best results.

For cooler conditions, cool-season seed is best. If you live farther south, warm-season seed is the better option.

Aerate the Soil

Just like us, plants need oxygen too. The soil provides the required oxygen for the plant to thrive. If there is little to no oxygen left in the ground, it stunts the growth of your plants and can cause them to wilt.

To ensure your soil has enough oxygen, aerate it before planting grass seed. Aeration helps break up packed down soil which allows it to hold more oxygen then.

Add Mulch or Compost

When you’re first growing new grass, you can help it out by adding a layer of mulch or compost. Mulch protects the soil and helps prevent the growth of weeds. Compost adds nutrients and organic matter back to the soil that the plants feed off of.

Keep Watering

When you first plant grass seed, you want to do light waters more frequently. You want to keep the grass seed moist until it starts to grow roots. Once the grass begins to grow, you can water more at one time but less frequently. This will help encourage the grass roots to grow deeper, which makes them stronger.

Start Mowing High

When you go through the first few times of mowing the lawn, you want to cut it longer than average. Mowing too short and the new grass could dry up from the weather. Before you begin, check your mower to ensure the blades are sharp. You want to have a clean cut. If the blades are dull, you’ll actually rip and tear the blade which can damage the plant.


During the renovation process, it’s essential that you stay diligent to your watering and fertilizing schedule. Keep foot traffic and activities on the lawn to a minimum for the first month or so until, the lawn is stronger. These steps and tips will you renovate your lawn and leave you with a yard that is lush and green.



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