5 Tips To Remodeling Your Pool

swimming pool remodeling
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Thinking about changing how your swimming pool looks like? If yes then a remodel will come in handy. Swimming pool remodels demand that you put a lot of thought and have a very clear idea of what you intend to achieve when the whole project is complete.

So to help you get started, here are 5 tips to remodeling your pool:

  1.    Build A Stone Deck

As you work on changing the swimming pool’s aesthetic, keep in mind that the deck surrounding it contributes greatly to how the pool looks. A cracked and outdated cement deck will most certainly destroy the pool’s amazing look.pool with stone deck

If your pool has been fitted with cement or wood, you can consider changing that when remodeling and choose something more appealing and attractive like stone. A customized stone deck will not only transform the aesthetics of the swimming pool, but it will also create a stunning look for the surrounding area as well.

  1.    Change The Waterline Tiles

One of the simplest swimming pool remodels you can do is changing the waterline tiles and upgrading them to something that is a bit more modern and unique. Ceramic mosaics have been widely used over the years but have now lost touch. You can opt to remodel using glass mosaics which are in fashion today.

Glass mosaics have a wider selection of different colors and effects. This is a small remodeling project with a big impact as it will add some oomph to your pool.

  1.    Set Up LED Lighting

LED light bulbs are quite energy efficient. There is a high probability that your swimming pool was built way before LED lights were a popular go-to choice for lighting. If your pool is fitted with standard lighting, a proper remodel approach would be to replace this with LED lighting.pool with LED Lighting

You can consider adding some vibrant LED colors on the pool’s surface, on the deck, and around the pool’s perimeter. The advantage of using LED lights is that they have a long lifespan and you’ll rarely need to purchase new ones for replacement.

  1.    Incorporate Some Energy Efficient Elements

Swimming pools can be an expensive affair to handle. As such, having some energy efficient items installed to your pool will be an effective remodel approach to take up. A few energy efficient elements you can install are solar powered heaters and lights, a variable speed pump, and energy efficient filters.

Once you’ve installed these elements, you’ll have cut down on how much you spend on electricity costs for running the pool and improved on its full functionality. The overall value of the pool will also go up which is a plus if you ever think of selling it.

  1.    Install A Rock Waterfallpool with Rock Waterfall

Installing an artificial waterfall on your swimming pool is one of the most innovative eye-catching remodels you can undertake. If your aim is to make your pool have a peaceful retreat spa-like feel, then adding a rock waterfall will do the trick. Setting up a beautiful nature-inspired rock waterfall isn’t difficult or expensive, so don’t feel intimidated to do it.


These five tips will come in handy in helping you remodel your pool. You definitely can’t do this by yourself, so we recommend that you carry on this swimming pool remodeling with Willsha Pools.

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