5 Tips To Buying A Property In Spain

properties in spain
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Spain is the home of amazing properties such as beachside apartments, townhouses, luxury villas, fincas at the countryside, and commercial properties. These properties are available at affordable prices and buying them is an investment worth making.

If you’ve set your mind on buying a property in Spain, here are 5 tips that will guide you through the process:

  1.    Get A Qualified Conveyancing Lawyer

Before you set out to buy a property in Spain, take some time to look around for a qualified lawyer to do all the conveyancing for you. Nobody else should do conveyancing for you except your lawyer.

You need to get a lawyer that is independent of the property’s developer, agent, or seller, possesses all the skills to do conveyancing, has open communication channels and is reachable, and has a high public liability insurance.

Your lawyers should offer you all the advice you need in writing regarding the property at hand that you intend to buy.

  1.    Analyze The Location Of The Property

Location is vital when buying a property in Spain. Don’t be carried away by the elegance and style of the properties within the location that you have set your eye on and forget to analyze the location thoroughly to determine whether it is good enough.

Do your analysis both in the day and night time. Check whether all the amenities are close enough and fully accessible. Find out whether any open space around is a non-building space or whether new buildings will come up in the future that may change the course of how the place looks. Leave nothing to chance. Analyze the location well before buying the property.

  1.    Familiarize Yourself With The Spanish Property Law

Before you set out to buy a property in Spain, it is of high importance that you understand the Spanish property law. Get to find out what Urbanizado means, the relevance of Fully Urbanizado and Rural and be able to understand which principles apply and which properties fall under this description.

Understanding the Spanish property law will help you understand the legality of the property and the potential liabilities surrounding it.

  1.    Work With A Building Surveyor

Before buying a property in Spain, ensure that you contract the services of a building surveyor to do a full analysis of the property. Ensure that the surveyor has no affiliation with the property owner, has all the qualifications needed, is fully insured, and has good communication skills.

Get a detailed report from the surveyor detailing the full state of the property, highlighting the validity of the licenses, pinpointing any errors such as a breach in planning and all other information you may need to know before making a purchase decision.

  1.    Buy From A Trusted Property Consultant

Understand that there are many frauds out there selling property and if you are not careful, you could be defrauded of your hard earned money all in the name of buying a property. You need to work with a licensed trusted property sales consultant with a proven track record and market experience.

One of the best and most trusted property consultants in Spain that you can buy property from is Calida Homes. They have years of experience and work hand in hand with their buyers to get them the ideal property they want. Check them out today on calidahomespropconsult.com.



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