9 Common Decorating Mistakes That You Should Fix

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Do you often look around your house and think about which areas don’t look right? It can be the decorations, the decors, the colors. Even if you spend so much time and effort ensuring that everything is right, it can be frustrating to see some decorating mistakes.

If you want to spice up your home, you don’t need to do a big remodeling. Most of the time, the decorating mistakes come from the simple things that you overlooked or you have not thought of. Maybe you didn’t realize it or you are stuck in a regular decor routine.

Fix Those Decorating Mistakes ASAP

Don’t worry! Here’s the list of the common decorating mistakes and how you can fix them. You will surely have a whole home that looks amazing in no time!

Give The Dark Walls a Lift of Life

Darker walls look amazing, especially in a bedroom. They can add some contrast, elegance, and a wonderful mood to any space. However, it can also make the room feel closed in and looking like a dungeon.

You may give the dark walls a lift by using a simple lighting change. You may use multiple light sources to change the whole ambiance of the room. Get some lights that face multiple directions. You may take some furniture out so the whole space may not look as stuffy and looking like a cave-like area.

Determine the Focal Point

Every room in the house needs a focal point. The focal point is the spot that enters the whole room.

If you don’t have that spot or your room has multiple focal points, narrow the center point down to one thing. It can be a bold piece of furniture, a mirror, the fireplace or a beautiful, large rug. Once you point it out, design around that focal point.

Hang Some Artworks On The Wall

We all love hanging some form of artwork in our home. It can be a photograph, a floral art or our children’s work. Whatever the artwork is, it is important to display them correctly.

Make sure that the artwork is not too high. Consider how large it is and if it is going to be a focal point in your room.

Overstuffed Shelves

Everyone loves shelves — they are wonderful ways to showcase your decorations and to show it off to your visitors. If you are a book lover, you surely love having your books displayed while if you love traveling around the world, the little trinkets that you collect should be out for other people to see.

However, there are times when we get a little ahead of ourselves and end up packing too many things on our shelves.

Empty those shelves and sort all the items into piles: a pile for a yes and another one for a no. Keep all the interesting things and pack away those you don’t need to be there.

You may also paint the back of your shelves so the items will stand out.

Unfriendly Family and Living Rooms

We want to impress our guests with the different rooms of the house. However, there are times when we work so hard to achieve the stunning look in our minds that we forgot that the room should also be friendly and inviting to others.

Try and reposition the furniture. Make sure that the seating is arranged in such a way that people can still carry a conversation since the seats are facing each other instead of facing them on the walls.

Too Many Pillows

Do you keep pillows on the couch? Not just one or two but do you line up your couch with different styles of throw pillows?

Some pillows may look great but putting too many may not add much style. Keep everything low and just put two throw pillows on each side of the sofa.

Beautiful Yet Impractical Sofa

A sofa on a lighter shade can look amazing. They can create a contrast in the room. However, if you have pets or kids in the house, it may look less than stellar.

You may want to have your sofa professionally cleaned. You may also use a sofa throw or a slipcover and hang it casually on the sofa. Using large pillows can also do well.

A White Kitchen Is Not Warm

A white kitchen may look clean and organized, but it can also look cold and unfriendly.

One of the biggest decorating mistakes is not putting a pop of color in a white kitchen. Add some colors by putting small pieces of appliances. Hang some hand pans from the wall. Put some fruits and flowers around for some decorations. You may also hang some signature pieces of artwork around.

There Are No Changes For Several Years

Stagnation is no fun. Do you have the same room decoration for a long time? Your room surely needs a modern and new style!

Change things up. Give your room a facelift by changing your beddings, pillows, and artwork. Reposition the furniture.

It is time to change everything and spice things up to avoid these decorating mistakes. Which one do you think best applies to your home?

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