Introduce New Colors And Style In Your Home With These Rock Painting Ideas

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When decorating your home, lots of ideas can come to mind, including how to introduce more colors to your home. Some may go with greeneries like plants, which would then need your attention so that they won’t lose their color. Some would go for figures but they may either be too colorful or just a large fixture inside the house. Some may go with rock painting ideas like Mandala Stones.



What Are Mandala Stones?

Mandala Stones are rock paintings ideas that have a Mandala pattern. The word Mandala comes from a Sanskrit word that means “circle.” Mandala Stones doesn’t necessarily need to be all circles and dots, as some would have triangular or square designs, but the overall theme of Mandala Stones need to have a circular pattern. Mandala Stones are always colorful in nature and is eye-catching.

Mandala Stones are usually made from an ordinary stone and is painted carefully so that it can carry the pattern that the painter wants. Mandala Stones are all hand-painted, and as one stone is different from another, patterns that can be made with them can differ as well.

Mandala Stones Rock Painting Ideas

These stones are cheap. Plus, you can create your own rock painting ideas with just acrylic paint that only needs sealing and varnishing.

Mandala stones are unique and exclusive. They bring brightness to the room and gives a personal touch and joy to any parts of the room.

If you are looking for ways on how you can start, here are some rock painting ideas for you to try.

Tips And Tricks When Creating Your Own Designs

  • Acrylic paint is the paint of choice in most designs. But you can use the kind of paint that you want. Use poster colors or oil paints — the choice is yours.
  • You have to make sure that the paintbrush that you use would be pointed and firm, in order for you to easily make the patterns that you want.
  • Use round and flat stones.
  • Once you are satisfied with your design and have painted your stone, coating it with a layer of clear paint will help with protecting the art.

Mandala Stones are, in a way, an inexpensive means of making a home decoration, and is easily the type that anyone can appreciate. Regardless of whether you buy it or make your own, it brings more color to the inside of your home.

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