7 Tips for Power Washing House Siding

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Pressure washing is the newest technology that has been helping the mankind in cleaning off their homes from the exteriors. Under pressure washing, the exteriors of the houses are being washed using the water that comes out with a high velocity of pressure from the equipment used in the pressure washing

The markets are flooded with a number of pressure washers. You can easily grab the best electric pressure washer and get ready to clean your house, including the side walls as well. Power washing of sidings and the gutters has become mandatory. This is because a regular power washing allows the water to freely flow down from the roof to the pipes in case of gutters as well as the sidings of the walls too. Thus, you must regularly power wash the sidings of your house in order to get rid of excessive dirt and to further make the exteriors of your house look neat and clean.

There are a few tips that you must remember while power washing the sidings of your house. These tips have been listed below:

  • Make sure to repair the damaged areas:
    The exteriors of your house could be damaged following a number of things. Thus, you must make sure that you repair the damaged areas first and then set off to use the pressure washer to clean the sidings of the house. You must not power wash the house if the sidings are painted with a lead paint. At the same time, you must make the use of correct attachments as well as materials for the job. Choose a day where the weather is favorable in order to ward off further damages.
  • Check the condition of sidings and windows:
    Before taking the pressure washer into use, you must take a quick walk around the house in order to make sure that the sidings of your house are intact and no pieces of vinyl have become loose. You must also check for the cracks and further identify the lengths of the siding on the long walls overlap.
  • Use eye protection:
    Eye protection should be taken very seriously while managing the pressure washer. Thus, the use of eye protection should be mandatory in order to avoid any kind of unforeseen physical damage to your overall well-being. You must therefore make the use of a pair of safety rated sunglasses in order to keep all kinds of eye injuries at bay.
  • Avoid the use of ladders:
    The use of ladders while pressure washing the sidings of your house must be avoided on the first place. This is because the push back from wand may cause you to lose all the balance and there are chances you have a fall. Thus, you must not risk your life merely for this cleaning purpose and should make the use of scaffolding, elevated work platform vehicles, rope access techniques or extension wands.
  • Be careful of the power lines:
    Some houses are mostly seen connected to the power lines above the ground level or they have their power lines running along the edge of their property. Thus, if you are planning to pressure wash your house which is one of a kind, you must be aware of the consequences. Make sure that you don’t fix the extension wand and further touch the wand to the power line risking electrocution.
  • Clear the area:
    Clear the areas which are full of your bikes, toys, cars, etc. in order to avoid forgetting about them and further tripping over them. At the same time, you must not forget to clear the bottom part of your house siding of the bushes so that you are able to pressure clean the filthy bottom areas with great ease.
  • In case of lead paint:
    Although lead paint was banned for all kinds of residential use in the year 1978, some houses still make the use of it. Thus, if your house happen to be painted in a lead paint, you must follow all the local building codes in order to get rid of it.

Cleaning the sidings of your house is very important in order to ward off all kinds of collected filth and dirt and to further make the exteriors of your house look neat. You must make the use of pressure washer to wash off all the filth. However, don’t forget to work upon the above listed tips while doing it.



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