Amazing two-bedroom residence with a courtyard

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Hey, there! How are you guys? I hope you are enjoying our posts and you continue to visit us. We do have a lot of beautiful designs for you.  Your support and patronage mean the world to us and it’s you guys who keep us inspired always to keep sharing house designs and house tips. Thank you so much!

So, for today we have an amazing design, a modern bungalow with a courtyard in the middle of the house! Are you excited to see it? Then go down below and check it out.

We don’t post many designs with a courtyard because we thought that not many people like it.  They would rather use the space for a bedroom or widen the kitchen area or use it as a laundry or work area.  However, this design that I am posting for you today looks so adorable with a courtyard.

So, if you have a certain portion of your lot where a tree grows and you would like to preserve it, you can actually leave it there and transform it into a courtyard. A courtyard is basically a part of the house, enclosed with walls  but with no roof.  It is intended for gardening or a place where the family would like to have the sun shine on them or the rain to fall on them.  It looks cute, doesn’t it

This two-bedroom bungalow is estimated to cost around USD30,000 but could be more depending on the finishing you want for it. The budget listed below is just an estimate.  It can vary depending on the materials and labor costs.

Product Specifications:

  • 1-story modern house
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1 living room
  • kitchen and dining
  • veranda
  • garage
  • courtyard
  • Budget: USD 60,000-100,000 or Php 3-5M

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Thank you Samphoas for this amazing design!

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