How to Plan House Construction in the UK

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Building and planning a house can be a challenge, more so if it’s your first time doing it. While it can be a daunting task, the result is rewarding. To help you get started, here’s how you can plan your house construction in the UK.

Consider Your Options

Before anything else, you will want to consider some of your options for the construction project. There are several crucial decisions you will have to make before you start building. For instance, you will need to find a suitable location in the UK. You may need to go through various real estate companies and look into several areas and neighbourhoods. The cost of materials and labour will vary depending on the location you selected.

Today, self-building is also becoming more common to save on building costs. Self-building does not necessarily mean you will do physical work. It means you will have greater involvement in designing, hiring workers, and adding finishing touches to the house. With that said, you can also decide to work on the house construction yourself or do some of the work.

Have a Realistic Budget

Planning your resources and estimating your expenses is one of the most crucial steps in planning. If you don’t have a clear plan regarding your funding, you can be easily overwhelmed by the house construction project. To get a good grasp of how much you will be spending, you’ll need to consider several factors. Besides the land or plot costs, you need to consider the size, layout, and shape of the house, among others. You’ll also need to consider professional services, from architects and designers to contractors.

There are several ways to finance your house construction in the UK. You can get your funding from your savings or by selling your existing properties. You can also consider getting loans. If you plan to self-build the house, you will need to go for specialized financing options, such as a self-build mortgage.

Come Up With A House Design

After securing a budget, the next step is to decide on a construction plan. For this, you will need to hire architects and designers, often through a design firm. Architects will work on the floor plans and other structural house design, while designers focus on non-structural elements. Every design firm offers different services, so it’s best to take your time picking one.

After finding a design firm or an architect for a self-build project, it can take several weeks to finalize the schematics. You will have to meet with them several times to discuss your plans and ideas for the project. They’ll also help you come up with possible plans according to your budget. In some cases, they can also fully manage the construction process.

You will also have to consider the materials you will want to use for the project, especially if you’ll be self-building. If that’s the case, you’ll want to take a look at all of your options. For instance, brick and blocks are still the most popular choice for self-builders in the UK, followed by concrete and timber framing. You’ll also have to decide on your exterior design. For example, some UK homeowners use composite decking as an alternative instead of wood for flooring.

Get Your Planning Permission

Before you can start working on the house project, you will need to complete a few paperwork. In the UK, you will need to apply for planning permission. Failure to do so can incur penalties, and in most cases, will make you undo everything you have done.

To get the permit, you can visit your local planning authority. The local planning authority will need to see your construction plans to give you planning permission. If you decide to go through a design or construction firm, they can handle the permits and other legal paperwork for you.

Look For Contractors

Whether you plan to go with a design firm or self-build the house, contractors are necessary. You can cut down costs if you do some of the jobs yourself, but some jobs require professional training, such as plumbing and electrical works.

If you go with a construction firm, they can do most of the hiring themselves. Regardless, you may want to go through several contractors first before committing to one. There are a few ways to find contractors if you have to do it yourself. You can look at several websites or ask for some referrals.

After considering your options, securing a realistic budget, and choosing a design firm, you can start building the house. During the building and planning process, make sure to involve yourself, regularly discussing the project with your architect, contractors, designers, and construction firms.

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