What is the Average Cost to Build a House in the UK

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Before you step into any construction project, you will need to consider your finances first. If you don’t have a clear plan for your resources, it can have consequences for the project. For instance, you have the risk of not finishing the project. In some cases, not having enough funding can tempt you into using cheaper methods or lower-quality materials. If you are building a house in the UK, you may have wondered how much you would budget you would need.

How Much Would You Need?

How much budget you will need to build a house in the UK depends on several factors. Without a detailed construction plan, it can be hard to come up with an estimate of how much funding you will need. In general, however, expect to spend anywhere between £180,000 to £500,000. The average cost is around £1500 per square metre.

Besides the building and land costs, you will also have to consider the fees and expenses for professional services, such as architects and designers. On average, you’ll have to add 15% more on top of the building cost. You’ll also want to add contingency plans and other expenses to your budget allocation. You’ll also need to consider the location, as different areas have various land and construction costs.

Factors that Can Affect Costs

As previously mentioned, other several factors can affect the total building cost of the house. In a few ways, you can cut costs by considering each one and looking for a cheaper alternative.


Traditionally, you will hire architects and construction firms to manage the construction process. They will handle most of the tasks, from hiring people, coming up with designs, doing the construction process, and securing the necessary paperwork. However, many home builders choose to get more involved in the project. For this reason, many decide to self-build in the UK.

Self-building doesn’t necessarily mean you will build the house all by yourself. If you self-build a home, you will have better control over the construction process. For instance, instead of the construction firms, you will be the one hiring contractors directly. Self-building can be a more challenging approach, but it will significantly reduce building costs.

Do It Yourself

To cut costs, you can choose to do some of the work for your house construction project. Doing so can save you hundreds, if not thousands, from workers fees. Interior design and landscaping are some of the tasks that you can do yourself.

With that said, several tasks require professionals. Electrical works and plumbing are some examples. If you have experience and certificates in these fields of construction, you can opt to do them as well. If you plan to do some of the work, whether it’s technical work or simple tasks, you will need to follow building regulations and standards.

Materials of Choice

When designing a house, one of the decisions you will need to make is to choose the materials for your home. In the UK, many use brick and blocks for the structural system of the house. Timber, concrete, and panels are also popular options. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and at different cost ranges.

Besides the interior, you’ll also want to decide what to use for your home’s exterior. In the UK, more homeowners prefer a suitable outdoor space. Patios, decks, and outdoor structures are all in demand. For instance, builders traditionally use wood for decks. But besides these, you can consider composite decking for the backyard. You can also use composites on fencing and siding. While some options can be more expensive, they do offer better durability and quality in return.

House Design

One of the most significant factors that will affect your total expenses will be the house type. A 2-bedroom house can cost you anywhere between £200,000 to £300,000, whereas a 5-bedroom is around £500,000. You will also want to consider the house size. An 80 square metre house can be as cheap as £180,000, while a 160 square metre home can cost you around £550,000. Custom made homes with more intricate designs will often cost more.


Constructing a house requires considerable effort and funding. If you intend to build one in the UK, expect to spend anywhere between £180,000 to £500,000. How much you would need will depend on the size, design, and style of the building. While it can be hard to tell how much you need for a house, there are several calculators you can use online for a rough estimate.

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