Outdoor Projects That Can Give Your Home the Sparkle it Needs

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You may have been neglecting the exterior of your home, because life got in the way. Alternatively, your outside space may look good but may just seem a little dull. Whatever your reason for wanting to make a change, there are several outdoor projects that can give your home and yard the extra sparkle you are looking for.

You can turn a simple yard, with a lawn and a few shrubs, into a cool play area for your kids, or a great entertaining space that you can use on long summer evenings. It’s easier than you may think, to give your outdoor space a fresh new look.

Create a fairy garden

If you have kids, they will love a fairy garden. It will also make a great talking point when people come to visit. Choose a spot that is the best place to create a home for miniature visitors. This can be under a tree or in a gap in a border; anywhere that you think is the best place for fairies to hang out. Then you can get to work on creating the magical garden.

  • Mold fairies and pixies from polymer clay or epoxy putty. Do not forget to add glaze for protection against the weather.
  • Use craft wood and wire to create a miniature arbor.
  • Make tea pots from acorns.
  • Use aluminum foil pans to fashion tiny gardening tools.

It’s all about being creative and releasing your inner child.

Build a fire pit

fire pit

A fire pit is a great addition to a yard which is used for summer socializing. Building one is an excellent way of learning to lay bricks for the first time. It does not matter too much if the end result is not perfect. Fire pits are meant to look rustic.

Before you start a fire pit project, you need to check the local fire pit regulations. Usually, you will need to keep your fire pit 25 feet away from structures and trees. This means that this may not be a good project if you have a small yard. You also need to make sure that you are not digging where there are any utility cables or pipes. The last thing you need is to cause a gas leak or water burst.

Bring out the decking

Decking is not exactly a new concept, but it can give an extra something to your outside space. One of the best things about a deck is that it makes use of space that is not ideal otherwise, such as sloping areas.

Building a deck can take several days, and you may need access to specialist machinery such as a forklift. This depends on how big and complex the deck build is. Once you have an area of decking in your yard, it’s a great place to relax, on long summer evenings.

Outdoor projects like these are a great way of spending time outside and developing new skills. You also end up with that sparkling, individual yard you are looking for.

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