Simple and affordable 12 x 10 meters bungalow with two bedrooms

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While I was selecting photos of house designs to feature today, I thought this house would be great to share with you.  Its design is simple and it’s also affordable because it used simple materials and not much decorations.  It is actually a design adopted from Samphoas, a bungalow with 12 x 10 meters area.

Beige was used as the main color to paint its bulk while brown was used to paint its trimmings, window frames, posts, and other special features. The roof color is gray and it complements the other colors as well. Its facade displays the garage, the wide floor to ceiling glass door and window and a gable roof. Gable roof is simple and costs lesser than a hip roof.  If installed properly, it provide long-lasting protection and shield.

To build this house, you need a budget of at least USD 20,000 or 1 million Philippine pesos to start the construction but to bring it to a 100% completion, it would need more or less USD40,000-50,000.  The total cost can be reduced or increased depending on the quality of finishing and furnishing that you want.

The rough estimate for a rough finish is US$40,000 or 2 million Philippine pesos.  With this amount, the house is already installed with electricity and water and is ready for occupancy. However, this estimate does not include painting and stuffing.  If you have your old furniture and stuffs, you can use them.  You can save for the next phase which is finishing and furnishing the house with your favorite stuffs.

Product Specifications:

  • 1-story contemporary house
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1 living room
  • kitchen and dining
  • veranda
  • Budget: USD 40,000-50,000 or Php 2-2.5M


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