Tips on How to Get the Best Dumpster Deals

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Hiring a dumpster is costly. It considerably adds to the expenses of your project, which is derailing. This calls for finding ways to get better deals when hiring one.

Here are some of the ways to get the best prices on dumpster rentals:

Compare Different Companies

Not all the Dumpsters service companies charge the same rates. They all come with different prices based on location, services offered, and other operational costs. Others also tend to offer various discounts depending on the season. You are, therefore, better off taking your time before settling on a single company. Get quotes from different companies and compare the charges.

Before you settle on the company that charges the lowest, look into the services they offer for that price. Also, the difference in pricing can help you negotiate for better prices from your service provider. Show them the different market prices and inquire if they are willing to match up.

Ask for the Availability of Special Discount

Most dumpster rental companies offer special discounts to groups like veterans and other special groups. The only concern is that most won’t let you know of these discounts unless you ask. The availability of these discounts makes it easier to get better deals even if you have poor negotiating skills.

Quicker Turn Around Time

Most dumpster rental companies are flexible with their leasing dates. While they generally rent the dumpsters for seven days, you have the option of keeping the Dumpsters for longer or shorter days, depending on your project. Working on shorter projects that last around 1 to 3 days offers an opportunity to ask for discounts. Most of the dumpsters tend to have a short supply of the products during the busy seasons.

Having a larger dumpster on your property for long also comes with additional operational costs. Also, avoid late returns. Keeping the dumpster past the agreed time comes with hefty fines that are costly.

Negotiate for Better Terms if You Intend to Keep the Dumpster  for Longer

Most dumpster rental in San Bernardino County provides for daily charges due to the short term lease. Otherwise, if you are looking to use the dumpster for longer, you can get better deals by negotiation for long term use special prices. Negotiate the charges upfront before hiring the dumpster. Any changes after renting are like breaking the contract, which in most cases, comes with higher costs.

Refer Other Clients

The other way to get better rates from dumpster rentals is by getting more clients their way. Most of the companies do not have the information on the public. Ask if they have such provisions, and take advantage if they do.


Hiring a dumpster is quite expensive for most people. You have to get creative on the different ways you can pay less than the standard charges. The best way to go about it is by asking for all the available discounts and offers. Also, return the dumpster quickly and refer other clients. Remember, though, pricing is not the only important factor in dumpster rentals. The company must also provide quality and flexible services to match your project.

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